ghostbusters_ver6After several delays and having to deal with some real life, I finally managed to go see the new Ghostbusters movie.  Has there been a more polarizing event in geekdom?  This is either the greatest travesty to ever befall Western Civilization or another in a long list of remakes and reboots that might be somewhat enjoyable.

Right up front, I enjoyed the movie.  As each trailer and set photo came out, I have been liking what I saw.  Really at no point did I feel like this movie was a threat to my childhood memories or the existence of one of my favorite films.  And yes, Ghostbusters is among my favorite movies of all time.  Growing up for me I was obsessed with Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, and Star Wars.  I’ve merely viewed this as a reinvention of what I loved for a new generation.

That’s what this movie is.  You should not go into this movie expecting the original.  They are not trying to remake the original shot for shot here.  The basic framework of the original is present, but it’s an entirely new story.  We have four new characters who kind of fall into the same archetypes as the original, but not exactly.  There are lots of fun cameos and easter eggs from the original, but you can come into this movie with no knowledge of the original and enjoy it just as much.


This movie is first and foremost, a Paul Feig movie.  If you do not like his films (Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy, etc.) you will most likely not enjoy this movie.  Also, I believe that Feig’s style does not translate well into marketing and that’s why the trailers have been a mostly mixed bag.  His previous movies have had similar problems.  The trailers for Spy made the movie look awful, after hearing good things I watched the movie and really enjoyed it.  Marketing doesn’t always best represent the movie, instead they are trying to sell the movie to specific audiences.

There is a lot to enjoy here, Chris Hemsworth and Kate McKinnon easily steal the movie.  They both pull all the focus when they are on screen and get a lot of the film’s best moments.  The cast is strong, the writing is fun, and while not every joke lands exactly, the majority of them hit.  The audience was nearly full and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.


At the end of the day, this movie is not the horrible train wreck that the people on the internet wanted us to believe it would be, but it’s also not as good as the original.  The original is lightning in a bottle, it’s one of the rare times where the perfect movie comes out at the perfect time.  It’s a fun movie and further proof that just because the internet says something, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily true.


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