Focusing on the Negative

Ghostbusters_logo.svgAt the time of me writing this, the review embargo for the upcoming Ghostbusters remake has been lifted and reviews are starting to hit the internet.  Personally, I have not yet looked at any, nor do I really care what the early reviews say.  I want to see this film for myself and I will judge it accordingly then.

What I continue to not understand is this urge, especially among but not limited to my fellow geeks, to focus all our energy on those things we dislike.  We post thought pieces online, we retweet negative reviews, we can even go so far as to invent crazy theories for why someone would give something a negative or positive review.  Whenever it happens it just boggles my mind.

Why do we focus so much of our time and energy to things we hate?

A quick point of clarification here, I am not referring to the watching of bad movies in a MST3K style.  The “so bad, it’s good” is a completely different topic.  I am focusing on things that give you no joy or anything positive in return.

I have friends who go out of their way to listen to music by artists they do not like.  There is the trend of “hate watching” a show.  There is the continuous sharing of links and retweets of anything negative.  The upcoming Ghostbusters film is just the latest in a long string.

Art is subjective, and not every piece of art is going to please everyone, nor should it.  Even the best, most beloved items of all time have negative reviews.  You cannot and should not please all of the people all of the time.

firefly-still-flying-companion-cover-mqAmong geeks, Firefly is a beloved franchise, canceled after just one season and a movie.  For years people had recommended this to me.  Several years ago, I finally sat down and tried to watch it.  I hated it.  Couldn’t even finish the first season which is only 14 episodes (I just had to look up the number of episodes because I cared so little) and I managed to suffer through the film, Serenity.  Absolutely hated the show, did not care in the least about anything that happened.  Now, I don’t go around trolling Firefly fans and mocking them for loving a show that only lasted one measly season.  No, I watched what I watched and moved on with my life.  (Sidenote, yes I will tease some of my friends about the show, but that is friendly joking.)  I am not gleefully sharing every time talk of the show’s return is shot down.

For the most part, when something comes along that doesn’t look good.  I comment on it and move on with my life.  I am not constantly sharing the ever lowering Rotten Tomatoes score of Adam Sandler’s latest cinematic travesties.  A long time ago I decided that his brand of comedy and storytelling was not for me, filed that information away and moved on with my life.

I’m a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, have been since I was a kid.  These new movies they are making do not look good to me at all, and that’s why I chose to not go see them.  I understand that others enjoy them, so why should I rob them of their enjoyment just because this movie doesn’t appeal to me?

maxresdefault (3)

I do not understand why people continue to revel in the hate on Ghostbusters (or whatever the latest franchise reboot/remake that is coming down the pipeline)?  If for whatever reason you do not like the idea of the film, just ignore it and move on with your life.  Why continue to give this item more of your focus and energy?  Why bother to click on the latest clickbait article?  Why gleefully share every negative review?  Trust me, as your friend online or otherwise, we all know EXACTLY how you feel about this movie.  You sharing the latest negative thinkpiece is not going to tell the studios to lock this film away in a vault and cancel all their plans.  In fact, you are actually doing the work of the studio, by sharing the links you are helping to spread awareness of the product.  You are making the marketing department’s job easier.


When it comes to the box office and revenue generated by a film release, tv show, whatever, the studios don’t care how or why you got there.  The people who are hate-watching’s money is just as green as those who are happy to be there.  This will encourage them to do more of this.  If it makes money, they will make more of it.  Plain and simple.

Now, I do plan on seeing the new Ghostbusters film next weekend.  Between the actors, director, and the franchise itself, I want to see the film.  I genuinely hope it is good, if it’s not, oh well.  I’ve seen plenty of bad movies in the theaters.  Last year I made a decision to go see the critically reviled Fantastic Four remake.  I wanted to see for myself exactly what the film was, and I was actually hoping that the film would not live up to the negative buzz.  Sadly, it did not, but I felt it important to judge this film for myself.  With the upcoming Ghostbusters I will be doing the same thing.

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