Comics Review: DC Rebirth #1

366074._SX640_QL80_TTD_We’ve heard about it for months, but the DC universe is rebooting…. sorry, rebirthing.  The New 52 is coming to a close (nobody wants to talk about the failed DC-You) and the DC universe is, sort of, returning to it’s pre-New 52 continuity.  DC released the one shot rebirth special to help set the stage today.

Spoilers ahead.

The story follows Wally West as he tries to pull himself out of the speed force, trapped outside of space and time, presumably erased from the world.  He is slowly able to pull himself back into the world, he is aware that something has been stolen from the world, relationships forgotten.  He is basically all of us fans who were unsure about the New 52.  Basically, this story goes into the effects of Flashpoint and even pulls some of the last Crisis event into the story.

The story is extremely well written and is presented in a way that pulls you in even if you aren’t fully familiar with the Crisis or Flashpoint events.  The art is good and is pretty much on par with the major DC titles.  It doesn’t really rise above but it’s still a great looking book.

It’s interesting how this book seems to parallel the events on TV as well with the second season finale of The Flash.  Flashpoint seems to be a major focal point for DC Entertainment right now.  It’s very interesting that the plot focuses on how love has been stolen.  If this had been anything else other than DC I’d have taken this as a direct shot at the current state of DC movies.  It’s hard to read this and not see it as a shot at Zack Snyder’s dark and gritty movies.

I really enjoyed the book and I’m very curious about the direction of the upcoming DC books, although I don’t normally dig too deeply into their major events.  The biggest confusion for me was the final epilogue pages.  It seems to imply a connection between Rebirth and The Watchmen, and that there is a larger enemy at work here.  Does this mean that Dr. Manhattan stole time and love from the DC heroes?

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