Review: Deadpool

CWNGndQUEAAc2Q2They said it could never be done, we would never see it, it was unfilmable, and you can’t have an R-rated superhero movie now.  Fans were patient and let their voice be heard and now it’s a reality, Deadpool has arrived.

Spoilers ahead.

Plain and simple, this is the movie that few have been waiting for.  The project shows a true love and respect for the character, capturing the essence and ridiculousness of the comics.  The tone of the film is a good blend of humour, action and a surprising amount of heart.  The casting is solid all the way across.

The movie opens with with maybe one of the best opening credit scenes ever, maybe second only to Watchmen.  Right away you know what kind of movie you are in store for.  We are thrown straight into the action as we see the shootout that was in so many of the trailers, mixed in is a series of flashbacks as the story works it’s way back to the beginning.


Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is joined by 2 X-men, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.  This may be the best appearance of Colossus in any of the movies.  My only complaint is that we never see him in his human form, which is not that unusual for the characters in the comics, but it would’ve been nice to see to just mix it up visually.  I believe that this is due to behind the scenes changes of the actor which forced changes to the character.  Negasonic Teenage Warhead is fun as a young, angry teen.  The only problem is that these two do not have many scenes, only appearing in the beginning and ending of the film.  They each get moments to shine in the final fight.

The main story is first a love story between Wade and his fiancee Vanessa.  Their scenes are fun, delightfully twisted, and realistic of a couple in love.  It then becomes a revenge story in the second and third act as Deadpool goes after the people who tortured and deformed him while giving him his powers.


My only real complaint against the movie is the villain, Francis.  He’s just not enough of a heavy to be a decent villain.  He would work better as a henchman to a larger villain.  It feels like there should be someone else behind it all, but it’s never shown to be anyone else.  Francis plays more like one of the lesser Bond villains.

The movie works on almost every level, delivering and in most exceeding fans expectations.  The writing is funny and self-aware, skewering not only previous incarnations of the X-men films but the superhero genre as a whole.  This is the one that lives up to the hype.


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