Classic Doctor Who Retro Review – “The Sensorites”

1000px-Doctor_Who_logo_1The Sensorites

Maybe I shouldn’t review this one, I confess, I only watched the last two parts. I have the rest on my DVR, but haven’t had a chance to backtrack and check them out. I’ve seen the whole thing before though, but you know, that was possibly before some of the people who may be reading this were even born. I did enjoy what I saw of this.

sensorites_titleThe Sensorites are fairly well executed aliens for a show made in 1964. They are supposedly located in the same solar system as the Ood, and there are similarities between the two that makes you wonder if the races are somehow related, despite living on different worlds.

There was a shot of a spaceship flying away into space near the end that also looked unusually convincing. Susan actually gets to do some telepathic stuff in this episode lest we forget that she is not a normal teenager.

sensorites_oodThe story is a decent case study of xenophobia, and Hartnell rocks in a cape. It is lacking a bit in the villainy department, with some Robinson Crusoe-type humans being the culprits behind much of the badness.




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