Review: RoboChuck #3

Issue_3_coverRoboChuck #3

Script & Art: Chris Callahan

We return again to the animated world of RoboChuck.  Tensions are building between the traditionally animated Flats and the computer generated CGs controlled by the evil Piczar corporation.

The book opens with the legend of a dot that created the first lines, forming the basis of the entire animated world.  It is a legend passed down through the generations, but all legends have a basis in reality.  An opening like this, shows the dedication to world building spent here.  It would be easy to dismiss this book as something silly, but here we see the depth that lies beneath.

Image_3RoboChuck is investigating the disappearance of his new friend Shirley’s mother.  She disappeared in a bright flash of light and left few traces behind, except a huge hole in the roof.  Turns out Shirley’s mother was quite the celebrity back in the day and RoboChuck was a fan.

Meanwhile, the evil Piczar company is having one of their shareholder meetings, and we get a peak at the story behind the evil mastermind and how the CGs got started.  Plans are in motion that will affect the future of this animated world.

RoboChuck continues to be a lot of fun to read.  Callahan’s writing is fun and characters feel like they have depth, even if they are only 2 dimensional.  Animation fans will find a lot to enjoy here with some fun easter eggs.


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