Toy Review – Star Wars Command

10622301_10203805427711899_1447117999_nStar Wars Command

This is an interesting new product. Basically, these are toy soldiers of Star Wars characters. Hasbro has gone from limited articulation to NO articulation! The quality of these is quite nice, imagine if the entire Star Wars saga had come out in the Sixties instead of the Seventies and Marx toys had the rights to make the toys, yeah it’s kinda like that. The bases are quite solid and they stand up nicely and the sculpting is top notch. They are in the same scale as most toy soldiers so you can pair them up with other similar toys for some fun and crazy scenarios.

10621212_10203805430231962_214416011_oI saw sets for all of the original trilogy films at Target as well as one of the prequels and the new Rebels series. Some sets included out of scale vehicles just like proper toy soldiers should have! There are no rules included to use these as game pieces, but you certainly could use them in some sort of miniatures based war game if you wanted to I suppose, although you’d have to make adjustments to the rules account for the scale.

10601046_10203805435312089_2042847824_nBeing a huge Sandtrooper fan, the set that caught my heart was one that contained a mix of Sandtroopers and Tusken Raiders , it was only $4.99, which seems quite reasonable and I love that they are pitting Sand People against Sandtroopers, it shows that they put some thought behind what characters they decide to include in these sets.




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