New Number Ones – The Spread and Death Vigil

Starting a new feature, spotlighting new and interesting #1 books coming out.  Giving everyone the chance to jump on the new book before you realize you’ve missed out on the next big thing.

This time we taking a look at two new books coming from Image Comics, Death Vigil and The Spread.

DeathVigil01_CoverDeath Vigil #1

Creator: Stjepan Sejic
Story & Art: Stjepan Sejic

Death Vigil is the story of grim reapers who are leading a fight against Necromancers who are trying to unleash a Lovecraftian evil upon the world.

In this first issue we meet Bernadette, a general leading the fight, she recruits a dying young man, Sam, to join her in the fight against darkness and evil.  They are our main characters, the ageless immortal and her young and strong fighter.

We fast forward 12 years, he is now a seasoned fighter with many strong victories, but soon gets in over his head when a powerful Necromancer opens a doorway.

Sejic’s writing is fun and witty with smart characters.  His writing also carries emotion and I found myself attached to the characters.  Sejic is also handling the artwork as well and the digital coloring does help to lend an ethereal quality to the book.

This is a book I would recommend for fans of Buffy, Supernatural or the more gothic anime stories.  It’s a good read and the strong characters pull you in.




Spread01_CoverThe Spread #1

Co-Created By: Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm
Script By: Justin Jordan
Art By: Kyle Strahm
Color By: Felipe Sobreiro
Letters By: Crank
Cover By: Kyle Strahm and Felipe Sobreiro

The world is not a good place.  A zombie like sickness has spread across the land, it is simply called The Spread.  It is a world full of survivors, infected creatures that come from the deepest part of our nightmares and raiders.

The Spread doesn’t spend much time telling us what has happened, instead we are thrown into the story as the main character, simply named No, encounters a crashed plane and the dead body of his friend Billy.  This sets off a chain of events that propel us through the first issue.

The Spread is one part Mad Max and one part John Carpenter’s The Thing.  It’s a bloody enjoyable read too.

Kyle Strahm’s art is very stark between the white snow covered forests and the blood red of the Spread.  Justin Jordan’s writing is sparse, but not in a bad way.  Our main character doesn’t say much and the story is narrated by a young girl named Hope.

This is definitely one for the horror fans to enjoy, but there is more here than just a simple gore fest.




Review copy and artwork courtesy of Image Comics.

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