Comic Review – RoboChuck

robochuck_2RoboChuck #2

Script & Art: Chris Callahan

RoboChuck is an independent comic from creator Chris Callahan.  It is the story of the Toon world battling between the classic toons of Flatville and the new CG toons.  The CGs are taking over and pushing all the Flats out.  Those who speak out against the CGs vanish.  RoboChuck is the main character, a CG adopted by one of the most famous of the Flats, Inkspot Magee.

The story starts with Torky Turtle the Turquoise Tortoise, a formor toon host of a popular variety show, but those days are long gone.  Torky has been pushed to desperate measures.  Now she is trying to sneak into CG territory, and she has a plan to strike back at the CG toons.

wiE4t-3qRoboChuck is torn up about not being able to stop the Piczar goons who attacked him previously and is upset about his mother turning his old room into a yoga studio.  He receives a phone call from his manager and what seems like a simple job offer ends up leading him to much more. RoboChuck’s reaction to losing his room was one of my favorite scenes from the book.

RoboChuck’s adopted father, Inkspot Magee has his own plans for dealing with the CGs.  Plans are in motion against the CGs

I wasn’t ready for this issue to end, and I wanted to read more.  Callahan’s writing is fast and fun, witty with just the right amount of non sequitur.  Cartoon logic applies to a lot of the plot, but it’s in more of the classic Looney Tunes style and is used well.

Artwork_3The art is simple and clean.  You immediately know you are looking at cartoon characters.  The classic Flats and the newer CGs both have their own unique styles.  Many of the characters look like they have walked off their own Saturday morning cartoons.

It’s refreshing to find a book these days that doesn’t take itself very seriously and remembers that comics can be fun and not everything needs to be dark and brooding.  This is a book good for all ages with a sly and smart story.

You can read RoboChuck now on Comixology


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