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Our friends over at Roanoke Gaming have some new plans for gamers in the area.

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Roanoke Gaming

We at Roanoke Gaming have been working hard to try and bring more gaming events to the Southwestern Virginia region.  Not only do we have a butt-load of news to spill, but we also have some official partnerships to announce.

A few weeks ago, we announced on our website and social networking sites that we were partnering with Blues BBQ & Grill for their Monday Night Game Night.  So far, it has been beneficial for both parties.  Because of this, we will continue to work with the people that host the gaming night in order to make it a much more successful venture for both parties as well as the public.

We have also already announced our GameStruck Tournament of Super Smash Bros: Melee and Super Smash Bros: Project M happening at the Tech Exchange on April 26th.  This is another event we hope is a huge success.  Not only for us, but also for the local gaming community.

Another side-effect of the success of several of our events is that other local organizations are approaching us so that we may run events for them.  Until now, all of these businesses have been kept secret from the public so that we may work out the necessary details that come with working with one another.  Now, however, is the time to announce some BIG news for Roanoke Gaming.

Partnership with Round One

That’s right!  ANOTHER new partner! Round One is a fighting game club out of Harrisonburg, VA.  The group is mainly are made up of James Madison University students.  The perk of our partnership with them, however, is that they are very experienced with running fighting game events.

This gives us an opportunity to hold many more tournaments.  For one, we will have their expertise of the fight game genre as well as their help with staffing our events.  Needless to say, because of this reason, most events we partner with them will be refereed by them also.  Two, they give us another fanbase to reach, helping us grow the community even more.  We look forward to working with them in the future and letting all of our fans see what becomes of this partnership.

Free Comic Book Day Event at B&D Comics

If you are from the area, chances are you know about B&D Comics.  If you are even somewhat of a comic fan, you probably also know about Free Comic Book Day.  Since this is a press release, I have to explain them both anyway.  B&D Comics is a comic book store in Roanoke.  They deal in comics and tabletop gaming mostly.  Free Comic Book Day is one of the biggest comic book “holidays” in the year and is celebrated on the first Saturday of May.  It is one day out of the year that comic book shops and publishers give away free comics.  Usually it isn’t rare issues.  It is basically comics given out to people to get them hooked on a series.

What does this all have to do with Roanoke Gaming?  Well, B&D has invited us to participate in their FCBD festivities.  We will have at least one arcade machine set up outside of the store right on the front porch set on free play.  Not only that, but we will also be there to help you in your search for that perfect comic you have always wanted.

Thunder Valley Partnership

Roanoke Gaming is proud to announce that we are officially partnering with Thunder Valley to bring you great events centered around their arcade!  What kind of events, you ask?  Several.  Here, I’ll lay out a few examples.

Star City Challenge Series

What we are calling Roanoke Gaming’s Star City Challenge Series is going to be along the same lines as what Twin Galaxies has done for FUNSPOT and other arcades around the world.  Don’t know what those things are?  Fine…  Twin Galaxies is a record keeping organization that is known as the standard in all video game and especially arcade records.  They hold live challenges at different arcades throughout the country to pit players against each other to get the high scores in their favorite games.

This is what we want to accomplish at Thunder Valley.  We will set up an arcade machine in their arcade area, rope it off and have people come compete for the high score.  The person that wins the challenge will receive a prize and an award that shows their accomplishment.  Not only that, but their name will be placed on a leaderboard on

GameStruck Tournament Series & Other Events

If you keep up to date with Roanoke Gaming, you will know that we have an event series called GameStruck.  The event series is mostly tournaments, but we do plan to do other types of events using this name.

Now that we are working with Thunder Valley, that gives us an extra venue in which to hold these events.  Not only do we plan to do console, PC and tabletop tournaments here, but we will also hold LANs and other small events in their large party room.  This will give us a great open space with room for more people then Macado’s or any of our other previous venues and it will also give us access to Putt-Putt, laser tag, go-karts, and, of course, an arcade.

Growing a Community

Obviously, we have a lot on our plate right now.  However, that’s not all we have planned.  Some things are being worked on as we speak.  Meetings are being conducted and venues are being scouted.  There is a lot going on in the world of Roanoke Gaming and we look forward to growing our local gaming community exponentially over the coming months.

Zach “FreakTard” Wray
Founder / President – Roanoke Gaming

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