Comic Review: Saint Chaos #2

Creator & Writer: Noah Dorsey
Artist: Zsombor Huszka
Creative Consultant: Steve Revenig

viewerLast time, our reluctant hero had forged himself a new identity and promised to help those in need while he still had time.  Saint Chaos #2 opens with a glimpse into the world of Honeycomb, the twisted serial killer who has promised to kill our hero in a matter of days.

Honeycomb is not only a twisted serial killer but is also working as a consultant to a larger criminal organization.  It’s an arrangement that benefits them both.  We see him both at work and at play, and just shows how twisted and deranged he truly is.

While his soon to be killer is at play, our hero Simon aka Saint Chaos is at work trying to make the best use of the time he has left.  Both Honeycomb and Simon make use of urban legends to make their way.  Honeycomb is preying on the depressed and suicidal for new victims, while Simon is using it as a way to turn the tide of horribleness and put some good back into the world.

As much as Simon wants to put his old life behind him and move on, the past continues to rear it’s ugly head.  He continues to work with the police on his mother’s murder and is tormented by nightmares that it was all somehow his fault.  But he may have found a clue to unraveling the mystery of that terrible night.

sc2_page_01_ink-1The artwork in the book continues to be really effective.  The muted tones and monochromatic look give it a very gritty dark noir look.  While we can see so much of the characters attitudes in how their faces are drawn, the bureaucratic detective, the crime boss.  We learn so much about the characters in just one panel, we almost don’t need the dialogue.

That’s not to say the writing is as crucial to the book’s success.  Dorsey’s writing helps us believe in these characters and this world.  From the wonderfully twisted Honeycomb to the conflicted Simon, each character feels fresh and unique.  Issue #2 takes the mystery a bit deeper and doesn’t go in any of the predictable directions.


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