New Science Talk! Sept 2013

Hi all! Its been a long time since I have posted and forgive my absence!  I am back with a vengeance and yes im getting up on my high horse.


Not here but I have written and video cast news reports of the die off of bees! It is important that we pay attention to this problem because about 2/3’s of our fruit and produce we eat are are result of bee pollination.  Here in the U.S. and in Europe scientist have documented that the use of pesticides are part of the problem leading to bee dye off. This is not just a problem for these two areas of the world but in every continent but Australia, so far.

Recently in this post from the Serra Club, yes i know a left leaning organization but they do, do outreach and funding for scientific study. This study shows evidence that the use of pesticides could increases the causes of Parkinson’s disease if exposed to it.

Here is a little snippet: Parkinson Disease

“Recent studies have found statistical links between pesticide use and an outbreak of Parkinson’s disease in California farm towns. Researchers even know which chemicals are the likely culprits. What’s the government doing about it? Not much.”

Please take a look at it and see what you think.  I think its time to take a better look at how we treat our environment and what we do effect our Eco-system. If we can do this we will then live in a more stable balanced world, one, I hope which i can still enjoy honey!

Thank you for your time!


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