Comic Review: Saint Chaos #1

Saint-Chaos-CoverSaint Chaos #1 of 4

Creator & Writer: Noah Dorsey
Artist: Zsombor Huszka
Creative Consultant: Steve Revenig

Saint Chaos is a new 4 issue series from Writer/Creator Noah Dorsey and Artist Zsombor Huszka.  What we have here is a noir tale of depression, suicide and how far do you go when you have nothing left to lose.  This is a dark tale somewhere between Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum and the Saw movies.

From the first page the tone is immediately set and you know what kind of story you are in for.  Or at least you think you do.  This story does not follow any predictable paths, but there is a logical progression.  They are not twists for the sake of twists.

saintchaospage_01_textThe book has a lot of talk of depression, despair and loneliness but it’s not a depressing book.  Anyone who has had some dark chapters in their life (hopefully not as dark as what Simon is going through) can empathize with what he is feeling.

It opens with the main character, Simon Monroe, telling us how low his life has sunk.  The stark presentation of black, white and blood red paints a monochromatic picture that helps us to feel the depths of his despair and depression.

What follows is a twisted tale of torture and murder with a serial killer who is like a more sinister version of Frank Miller’s Joker, but also redemption and rebirth.  Once Simon faces death and has nothing left to live for, does he truly discover something worth living for and what he is truly meant for.

page_05_textSaint Chaos is independently published and is available at:

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