Weekly Comics Round up – Feb. 20th

It seems February is a big month for comics.  Some major shake ups, and storylines ending.  This was a big week in a big month.

I think the theme of this week is “Yes, this book is as good as you’ve heard and you should be reading it.”  It’s a week like this that makes me happy but my wallet sad.  So many good books.

BW_Cv17Batwoman #17

Batwoman as a series has had some highs and lows during the last year and a half.  I’m very happy to say that this issue ends this storyline on a high note.  It’s this level of writing and emotion that got me hooked on the character in the first place.

This also marks the final issue with JH Williams as artist.  I can’t think of a better issue for him to go out on.

A very satisfying wrap up to the story.  I can’t wait to see what the next issue brings and what a new artist brings to the book.





Captain Marvel #10Captain Marvel (2012) #10 cover by Joe Quinones

I don’t have much to say on this book other than it’s simply fantastic.  Everyone should be reading this.

This book has just been a fun adventure with a hero who deserves to be among the top tier Avengers.  I really do hope that Marvel finds a place for her on the big screen.







Daredevil_23-674x10242-300x455Daredevil #23

Daredevil continues it’s well deserved award winning run.  This has continuously been one of the best books out there.

This is the story of two best friends, forgiving each other for their past misunderstandings and difficulties.  Things do not bode well for Foggy and Matt is showing him the life as he sees it, as Daredevil sees it.  Of course for Daredevil things are never that simple.






Saga #10IMG120734

One of our great characters comes back into the fold and we might have lost another great character.  That is the problem when a book like this is so well written that the villains are almost as beloved as the heroes.








Womanthology_Space_5-665x1024Womanthology: Space #5

This great anthology special continues.  The stories all seem to center around the idea of a comet and it’s impact on life both here on Earth and in Space.  This story is filled to the brim with incredible talent, original , unique voices and creators.

I do enjoy a good anthology book.  Short stories not burdened by canon or being stretched to meet sales goals.  Simply great stories and art.






Wonder Woman #17WW_Cv17_j0nz1l8xn38y_

The battle among the gods continues.  War has made his play against Wonder Woman.  The story has a nice connection to the 0 issue several months ago.

Add in a giant shark battle, the First Born into action and a setup for next time with Wonder Woman finally facing down the villain behind everything.

This book really is as good as you’ve heard, you should be reading it.

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