Weekly Comics Round Up

It’s been a busy few weeks around here and I fell a few weeks behind on my comics pulls.  Because of that I’m going to be highlighting some of the books that got my attention in the last few weeks.


Fatale #12

I love this book so much.  Just when I think I know everything that is going on and where it’s going they just take a left turn and show us something new.  This time around the left turn takes us to 13th century France, where we meet another Femme Fatale.  Although, I’d like to think that it is Josephine.  But, Brubaker says differently… for now.

There is so much here from the fact that the Femme’s can not be hurt and we are not even sure if they can be killed.  And we see her power over men in it’s worst possible way and that her sway over men can be a positive thing as well.

Although like most everything in this book, it doesn’t end well for the characters and this is going to resonate through the centuries for our modern day characters.




Batman #17

Death of the Family comes to a close here.  I’m not sure about the ending, of course with something like this there is no way to end that will satisfy everyone.  I’m not sure it could have ended any other way.  At least not while DC (and comics in general) are afraid to truly kill off (and leave them dead) a major character.

Still it’s a dramatic and interesting end to the story.  I’m going to have to go back and read the whole arc from the beginning to really let it all sink in.

All I know is, the next person to write a Joker story has a lot to live up to with this one.





Manhattan Projects #9

I love this version of American History.  This is just a fantastic and twisted book.

It’s a brave new world as the title suggests.  This is the Manhattan Project being taken to the next level.  I think we can call this the beginning of phase 2 for the Manhattan Project.

The inmates are running the asylum now and the inmates all have multiple phD’s and a twisted sense of morality and ethics.






Green Arrow 17

Green Arrow #17

Green Arrow has not had the best run in the New 52.  In seventeen issues we are now on our third creative team.  Not a good sign for making me want to pick up a book about a B list character (at best).

However, the Arrow TV show has been working on me and made me that much more interested in the character.  Add in the new creative team here is a pretty high profile one with Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino and you have piqued my interest.

This book is good, it’s a good jumping on point for Green Arrow fans.  The latest storyline has ended and they give a good recap of where the character stands.

What immediately jumped out at me this time around was how the art style is so very different from what I’m used to seeing in the New 52 books.  Most of the books are very glossy and perfect, this book is much more impressionistic in it’s art style.

I’m definitely in for more, and I highly recommend checking this one out.

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