Weekly Comics Round Up – Jan. 16th

This was quite the week for good comics.  Some great books hit the racks this week.  Let’s take a closer look at them.

saga9-webSaga #9

Chapter Nine of this appropriately named Saga is a slight sidestep from the main story, revolving around the bounty hunter, his sidekick Lying Cat, his now deceased lover The Stalk and his attempts to save the young Slave Girl.

This comic just continues to succeed on nearly every level.  It’s so uniquely original, but pulls from the greatest literary archetypes and traditions.  Vaughan and Staples seem to have created a book with a ton of fun, but it doesn’t feel like a parody.

Truly this book is worth every amount of praise that is heaped upon it.  Read it, you wont regret it.


Daredevil #22Daredevil 22

Matt Murdock has begun to put his life back together after the events of the last few issues, but now there is a new wrinkle with his former partner Foggy.  Add to this someone has asked Spider-Man to come and bring Daredevil/Murdock in.

This is Daredevil’s first encounter with the new Superior Spider-Man, and it’s clear that he can tell something is not quite the same with his pal Spider-Man.  But, Daredevil doesn’t have much time to dwell on that before Stilt-Man arrives.

Mark Waid’s terrific run continues here with every bit of humour and action that we have been enjoying for the last 21 issues.


Capt Marvel 9Captain Marvel #9

Carol Danvers just wants to have a normal day, but it’s hard to have a normal day when you are an Avenger.  After a phone call from Tony Stark who has rearranged her calendar she sets out to do what should be an average day of running errands and meeting friends.

Running errands and having a normal day is hard when you have to deal with two dinosaurs tearing things up.  That is the life of an Avenger.

So far this book has been a great mix of humour, action and a pathos or sadness of carrying the burden of being a hero.  That there is only room in one’s life for so many things and that to get one thing you love you may have to give up something else.

The art style is still not my favorite, but it works here and I guess I’ve just accepted it.


Savage Wolverine #1Savage Wolverine 1

This really was Wolverine’s week as he made appearances in three different books this week.

First off we have the new series Savage Wolverine.  This is a pulp adventure story featuring Wolverine and Shanna in the Savage Land.

The Savage Land always brings back bad memories of the 90’s Xmen cartoon.  It seems that they were in the Savage Land for a whole uninteresting and boring season.  So every story that goes there is slightly tainted in my mind.

This was an interesting story though.  Although since I don’t know much about Shanna it was really weird to see her with a group of SHIELD Agents while they are in full SHIELD uniforms and she is wearing a tiny fur bikini.  But I guess that is normal for her.

I’m curious to see where this one goes, because I do enjoy seeing that more Savage side of Wolverine, and the pulp adventure style seems fun.


ASM 16Avenging Spider-Man #16

Wolverine makes his next appearance of the week along with the rest of his Xmen crew from the Jean Grey school alongside of the Superior Spider-Man.

It is interesting to see how this new Spider-Man interacts with characters like Wolverine and the Xmen who may be able to use their powers to see through his “disguise”.

I’m still not sure how I feel about this new Spider-Man.  I like some of it, but I don’t like others.  I’m not sure if I’ll keep up with this book or not, it’s not that it’s bad but the sense of fun that brought me in seems to have faded.

It’s a continuing game of Wait and See with this new Spider-Man.


Wolverine: Max #3Wolverine Max 3

Wrapping up the Wolverine trifecta this week is his appearance in the Max title.  This issue really earns the Max title.  Definitely keep the kids away from this one.  However, in between the sex and strip club scenes there is really great story.

Wolverine and amnesia go together like Batman and Robin, but it feels a little bit different here.  It’s more of a temporary amnesia and we don’t know who is telling him the truth and who is just messing with him.

I would recommend this book to people who are fans of Logan, well, adult fans.


Punisher Nightmare 3Punisher: Nightmare #3

The weekly Punisher story continues here.  This story is finding new ways to be crazy, but I’m enjoying it.

Maybe I missed the clues earlier on, but apparently this story is taking place around the same time as the Civil War story from a few years ago.  It was very weird to see this story feature Captain America.  For the most part, I like Punisher when he is by himself.  He just doesn’t seem to exist in the same world as the rest of the superheroes.

The story goes to a whole new level of crazy once we learn about Johnny Nightmare’s secret.


BG_Cv16Batgirl #16 & Batman #16

Death of the Family builds to it’s conclusion.

Batgirl is dealing with a marriage proposal from the Joker and the promise of a chainsaw honeymoon/divorce while her Mom sits on a bomb.  But her psychotic brother may be just enough of a monkey in the wrench to save the day or make matters worse.

Batgirl is having to deal with the baggage and hatred she has for the Joker and the horrific things he has done to her, while trying to maintain herself enough to save her Mom and not become that thing the Joker most wants her to become.

While that is going on Batman is having to deal with the Joker’s takeover of Arkham BM_Cv16Asylum.  Joker has set up a party to welcome Batman, including the assembly of King Batman’s court.

This whole Death of the Family story has been a good one, and I can’t wait to see how it ends.  I really feel like at least one member of the Bat Family is not going to make it out of this story alive.

As if the Batman story wasn’t enough for you there is a great back up story with Joker, Penguin, Two Face and the Riddler.  I was reminded of the scene in Dark Knight Rises where Joker and Two Face confront each other for the first time.  Great stuff all around in these Bat issues.

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