Weekly Comics Round Up – Jan. 9th, 2013

Here we are again, let’s see what new and interesting things hit the shelves this week.

Earth 2 #8

Last month’s Earth 2 was a mixed bag of really good and really not good.  I also said that it was going to be my last issue.  Well laziness prevailed and I forgot to take it off my pull list. So I decided to check out the latest issue since it was already there with the others.

I’m glad I didn’t cancel the title.  This issue was a fun diversion, introducing the new villain Steppenwolf.  There really are no heroes in this book, it’s all about Steppenwolf taking over a country and turning it’s armies against the world.

Maybe I just don’t like the heroes in this book.  Is it wrong to hope the villains win?  Well, I’ll stick around a little longer now because of this issue.


Punisher: Nightmare #2

Marvel’s new weekly Punisher mini-series deals with PTSD soldiers, the Punisher revisiting the trauma that made him into what he is, and mental illness.

This story revolves around the Punisher doing his usual business when he encounters a soldier who has returned from some nasty business while being deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, who then has his family killed by gangsters right in front of him.  Everything parallels Frank’s life and he is now questioning how he should be handling this.

Issue #2 reveals that there is more going on with this soldier than we have been told, in many ways.  He has some serious mental issues and something is different about his body.  Not sure where they are going with this, but this is an interesting story with some twists coming.

Highly recommend this one.

Star Wars #1

This is the book that everyone was talking about this week.  Dark Horse’s new relaunch of the ongoing Star Wars title, no subtitle, just Star Wars.

The story picks up weeks after the end of A New Hope with a young farmboy Luke, Leia dealing with the tragedy of Alderaan, Han and Chewie figuring out what to do about Jabba, and The Emperor and Vader dealing with the destruction of the Death Star and what to do about the return of the name Skywalker to the galaxy.

If you are looking to get into Star Wars comics, this is the perfect jumping on point.  You don’t need to know anything about the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  In fact you really don’t need to know the movies by heart.  If you’ve seen A New Hope at least once and are aware of the basic concepts of Star Wars, this is the issue for you.

Not only is this a rebirth story wise but it’s also bringing in some fresh creator blood as well with big names like Brian Wood and Alex Ross.

Personally, I think the book succeeds on nearly every level.  This is the swashbuckling fun that everyone loved in 1977.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret History of the Foot Clan #1

The relaunch of TMNT has been one of the greatest things of the last 2 years.  In addition to the terrific main story, they have been creating side stories and mini series exploring all the other characters in depth.  This time around it’s all about the Foot Clan.

We finally get a history of the Foot and some idea of how it went from an honorable Clan that Splinter was once a part of, to the evil organization it is now.

This is like a Samurai film that also features Mutant Turtles.  A great book.



Womanthology: Space #4

The anthology series created entirely by female creators continues in it’s monthly form.  Some great stories and art in here.

This is also a great way to experience different creators, stories and for new writers and artists to get their voice and name out there.

Looking for something besides Tights and Capes from the big Two?  This is well worth your time.




Worlds’ Finest #8

Huntress is finding herself being hunted and Power Girl is going out to avenge her.

Like Earth 2, this is another book that has been a bit of a mixed bag.  But, I feel on the whole it has been stronger than Earth 2.

We learn two things in this book, 1. Batman is a very rough person to have as a father and 2. Don’t piss off a Kryptonian.

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