Comics Round Up – November 21

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are behind us now.  But, it’s not all Turkey, Pumpkin pie and crowded stores.

Before we dive into this week, there were some memorable books from last week that we have to talk about.

Batgirl #14 & Batman #14

Death of the Family continues, the Joker is back and he is more ruthless and darker than ever.  With Batman, the Joker is taking his own trip down memory lane, going back to their very beginnings.

And with Batgirl, it seems the Joker may be revisiting one of the darkest chapters of Barbara Gordon’s life.  Barbara is dealing with more than one ghost from her past though.

Joker seems to have discovered the secret identities of the whole Bat Family.  Alfred and Commissioner Gordon are in mortal danger and this is just the beginning.

Both of these books are great with some very dark moments.  For books where we clearly know that everyone is going to live and the hero’s will win the day they both carry a good deal of tension.  Plus in the wake of all the questionable continuity with the New 52 it’s nice to see some nods to the past.

Batwoman #14

I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before regarding this book or not, but as much as I really enjoy this book, it does bother me that it seems to exist outside of the continuity of the rest of the New 52.  As tenuous as the connections between the other books are, especially the other books in the Bat Family, there is at least a connection.  This book however seems to exist in a realm all unto it’s own.

It is most apparent with the recent Talons event and now the Death of the Family/Joker’s return in that so much of the Bat Family is involved with the story.  It’s unusual that Batwoman who is in Gotham along with the rest of them isn’t a part of it.  It’s now doubly apparent with the inclusion of Wonder Woman.  There is no mention of her current story arc either.

All that aside, this book is really good.  If you have been a fan of this book so far, this one continues in the same tradition.  It’s great to see Wonder Woman and Batwoman play off of each other, as they recognize the strength of the other.  Very interested to see where this goes.

Captain Marvel #7

Captain Marvel has finished her travel through time.  That adventure helped to not only establish the character for new readers and people (like me) who are new to the character.

Now we have a fun adventure to the bottom of the ocean.  She is teaming up with a former Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau (had to look that one up on Wikipedia).  This issue is just a lot of fun.  Between a fight with sharks at the bottom of the ocean to the witty banter between the two characters.  “Captain Whiz Bang” is one of those lines that keeps you smiling long after you finished the book.

This book has been a great one and I hope the quality holds because there is mention of a new artist taking over on the book in a few issues.  The character and the writing are a lot of fun and I hope that continues.

Daredevil #20

This book contains some of the most disturbing images I’ve ever seen (in a mostly family friendly book that is).

When we last left Daredevil he had been captured and had his head removed.  It’s this idea here and how the villain uses it that is so disturbing.  It’s a great book and the reveal is pretty great, so I don’t want to spoil it.

Nothing is ever easy for Matt Murdock or Daredevil and that continues here, even a simple rescue, where he should be seen as the savior and the hero is not that simple for him.



Saga #7

Another great one that came out last week.  Not much to say here other than I am so happy to have this book back.

Great book, you should be reading it.  End of story.  It’s as good and better than you’ve heard.






Wolverine #316

The saga of the Dreaming Woman continues here.  It’s great to see a look back at Logan in the past, and to see a softer side to him when he actually can’t bring himself to kill a very dangerous woman.

It makes perfect sense that there is a group made up of all the women from Logan’s past and that they would end up being a cross between Charlie’s Angels and the A-Team who rush in to save the day.

This is a good book and like most of Wolverine’s recent adventures, it goes to some pretty bizarre places but it’s a good trip and the story never goes too far off the rails.


Wonder Woman #14

This issue should really be called “Carefully placed dialogue balloons and action effects.”  A giant naked man stands there and is very conveniently covered.  You’d think they would have at least give him a loin cloth or some kind of covering.

While the Gods all fight for control of the throne of Olympus we get some very touching stories about the suffering that the other illegitimate children of Zeus have had to go through at the hands of Hera and others.

It’s not a matter of how Wonder Woman will save the day, but who will be left standing when she is done.

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