Weekly Comics Round up – November 7th

Been a bit busy and stressed recently, so of course any kind of blogging or reviewing has fallen by the way.  Well we are back now, comics are fun to read and fun to talk about.

Avenging Spider-Man #14

Spidey has teamed up with a giant T-Rex and Monkey Boy?  And there are fire breathing, acid spitting dinosaurs.  Spidey has gone to the Savage Land.

I’ve never been a big fan of Savage Land stories.  Of course, most of my exposure comes from the 90’s Xmen cartoon which seemed to spend way too much time there.  However, this issue was better than anything from that cartoon.

Then it has a giant T-rex and a Monkey Boy who speaks in Lizard language. Yup.

But seriously, I think this book is a ton of fun.

Detective Comics #13

I gave up on Detective Comics several months ago.  However, this issue is the start of a new creative team on the book.  It came out last month and I completely forgot about it until now.  Honestly, the book wasn’t bad, but it was nowhere near as good as Snyder’s current Batman book.

Basically, it doesn’t suck nearly as bad as the previous creative team, but it’s still just a slightly above average issue, not enough to get me back into it.

It’s funny that the 5 page short story at the end of the book is so much better and more interesting than the larger story.  If only they could take that creative effort and apply it to the larger story instead of just an add on short story.

Earth 2 #6

Green Lantern is a dick.  At least that’s what I gathered from this latest issue, and no this is not a joke on his sexual preference.

Spoiler alert, the heroes win the day at the end.  Green Lantern then all of a sudden says “I don’t need you guys, I’m more powerful than you.  Laters!”  Not exactly heroic.  More of a dick move if you ask me.

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be keeping Earth 2 on the pull list, it’s not really the greatest book out there.  It started interesting, but now it’s just kind of blah.  I’m going to give it one more issue before I make a decision.  Now that they have finished off this bad guy, I’ll give it a chance to see what they bring next.

Iron Man #1

Just picked this one up at random to see what it’s like.  I am happy to say I quite enjoyed it.  It’s not a perfect issue, the writing is great but the art is a bit lacking.

The art is in a photoshopped style.  It’s more of a photo manipulation than an actual drawing.  I’m sad to see this style because Marvel has other books with much better art and a great stable of artists at their disposal.  Add to that, the fact that Iron Man is now one of their A list characters who deserves better than this.  Although if this is like Marvel’s other books than they will have a new artist in about 6 issues anyways.

I think the writing is strong enough to make up for the art’s lacking.  I’ll stick around for a while.

Manhattan Projects #7

The fabulously twisted tale continues.  What else is there to say about this?  It’s twisted and great.  Probably one of the best books out right now.  Just read it.






Worlds’ Finest #6

This is like the geekiest episode of Jerry Springer ever.  Batman’s son has caught his daughter from a parallel universe trying to steal money from the corporate accounts.

Damien is not everyone’s favorite character, but this was a good story for him.  It’s cool to see him and Huntress analyzing the fighting styles and figuring out they are identities based on that.  It’s like something out of a Kung Fu movie.

In the other half of the book is Power Girl’s story.  Not quite sure what she is up to, but there is some funny bits about her avoiding the Supergirl of this Earth, and how she burns off her costume because her reentry was at the wrong angle.

That is something about this book, it seems to be the only book out there that addresses the fact that the Superhero’s clothes are not super, they are just clothes.  Power Girl seems to have her outfit burned or torn off in nearly every issue.  It could just be T&A, but it seems to also work in the story because that is closer to reality.  Superheroes may be bullet proof but cotton and lycra-spandex are not.

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