Comics Round Up – October 10th

Once again Darth Real Life reared his ugly head.  Because of this I fell behind a few weeks behind on comics.  But we are back after temporarily vanquishing the villain Darth Real Life.

Before getting into this week’s books, we need to talk about the big events that wrapped up last month.

DC Comics #0 issues

With the end of September, we have the end of the 0 issues.  I’ve said it in different reviews, but I’m just confused by this whole prospect.  With the New 52 only being a year old, I think it’s far too soon to introduce a new reader jumping on point.

Add to the fact that some of these 0 issues did not seem like very good jumping on points as they were introducing new storylines that wont be picked up on for months (Batman), introduce a filler issue referencing the current story arc (Batwoman) or are just drawn versions of the wikipedia page (Batgirl).

All in all, it’s a weird choice and it just seems to add to the idea that the Marketing and PR Dept are really in charge and not letting the Editors in charge do their jobs.


Avengers vs. Xmen

The big crossover battle has ended, and there have been some casualties.  Spoilers from here on out, because it’s hard to talk about the later books without talking about what happened.

The Phoenix Force has been dissipated again, Charles Xavier is dead, and Scott Summers is in jail for murdering him.  The whole AvX story was pretty good, it had highs and lows, but I did enjoy the majority of the story.  Although it did drag in a few spots and this probably didn’t need to be 12 issues so close together.  More time between issues or fewer issues may have helped tighten up the story.

The death of Xavier was shocking, but you end up asking yourself “How long before they bring him back to life?”  It would be nice if a character stayed dead, but we all know that isn’t going to happen.


Uncanny Avengers #1

In the fall out of AvX we have the Avengers trying to deal with the fact that a lot of the mutant community sees them as the villain.

This was a very enjoyable book with a great eulogy for Xavier delivered by Wolverine, intercut with Cyclops and Havoc discussing what happened.

The second half of the book introduces an interesting wrinkle and one of the most wacked out and bizarre villainous plans of all time.  But it’s so over the top that I just have to stick around and see what happens.

This book also had 2 of my favorite panels in a long time.  First was Captain America telling Havoc to “launch me” and the second was Thor mentioning how the coffee shop also sells Lattes.


Avenging Spider-Man #13

Spider-Man has fallen under the control of the Hypno-Hustler and Deadpool.  In thinking that he was battling his own make believe demons, he has actually been fighting to free Hypno-Hustler from jail.

Between the three main characters, Spider-Man with his standard remarks, Deadpool with his ultra-meta breaking the 4th wall dialogue and Hypno-Hustler with his dated 70’s reference, this book is downright hilarious.

The plot has plenty of twists and turns and lots of jokes.  You never quite know whose side Deadpool is on as he works both against and with everyone.  All in all a great book.


Wolverine #314

Oh, Wolverine, you really are one of my favorite characters, but the people running this book are really frustrating and confusing me.  I know it seems like every week this book is out I’m complaining about the release schedule.

It’s not so much the book being released out of order, but there doesn’t feel like any kind of natural flow from one story to the next.  The story here is more in line with the Dr. Rot story from about 4 issues back and doesn’t really relate at all to the Sabretooth/Romulus story that just wrapped up.  I just wonder why they didn’t do the Sabretooth story first or sit on it for another 2 months.  I’m sure there is some kind of behind the scenes drama about this.  But it just feels like the editors don’t have control over this book.

With that aside, this is an interesting book.  We are following up on the Dr. Rot story where Logan has had his memory messed with even more than usual.  Logan is dealing with the ghosts of his past and we get a great flashback sequence with Wolverine dressed as Indiana Jones, fedora and all.


Batgirl #13

DC’s big crossover among the Bat-family books is here with “Death of the Family”, the return of the Joker.

Batgirl is hard at work fighting Knightfall, her nemesis of the last few issues (that I’m still trying to get caught up on).  It’s a pretty brutal fight and it looks like Batgirl might not actually make it out of this one.  But Barbara is a resourceful one and doesn’t go out that easily.

However, right as she is finishing things up with Knightfall, a new threat returns to Gotham.  The end of the book is history repeating itself.  One of the biggest events in Barbara Gordon’s life may just be now happening again, except it’s her mother this time.


Batman #13

This is easily the best book of this week.  The Joker is back and he is not wasting any time in putting his plans into motion.  This is classic Batman v. Joker, and a great story.  It’s great to even hear him mock Batman’s recent fight with the Court of the Owls.

The Joker feels like a true threat in this, he is vicious and maniacal.  He has even pulled Harley Quinn back in with a great backup story that is tied into the ending of this book.  The ending is tragic and heartbreaking in a Joker-Harley kind of way.  It really shows how different the Joker is from the last time we (briefly) saw him.

Great book, I can only hope that the rest of this series lives up to this first book.

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