Artist Spotlight #11 – Steven Miller


Welcome to our Eleventh edition of Artist Spotlight.  This week’s Artist is Steven Miller!


Angela by Steven Miller

Q: Who are you and what do you do?

A: My name is Steven Miller and I am a professional freelance illustrator. I work in the Trading Card Industry on Comic book, Comic movie, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror related licensed products. I’ve done work for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dynamite Ent, every major Movie Company, Benchwarmers, just to name a few.


Q: How do you work? (Tools of the trade, etc)

A: I work in graphite, inks, colored pencil, marker, gouache, water color, and acrylics on paper.



Q: How did you get your start?

A: I was in a really bad car accident back in 97′ and was in a wheelchair with no job. My friend would take me to small comic shows in the area and somehow we wound up at Wizard World Chicago 99′. Rolling around the Artist Alley I started saying to my buddy that I could draw like that. I started drawing while laying in bed filling up sketch books with portraits, eyes noses, lips etc.. I attended my first comic convention in Pittsburgh and was approached by the VP of Rittenhouse Archives with a job offer to work on Xena the Warrior Princess Trading Card Set.



Q: What styles of art do you most identify with (please feel free to include other artist’s names, or other inspirations, etc.)

A: I tend to gravitate toward photorealistic/fantastical styles of Art.
My inspirations-Mike Grell, George Perez, Neil Adams, Jay Anecleto, David Mack, LINSNER, Dorian Cleavenger, Dave Nestler, Joe Jusko, Matt Busch, Billy Tucci just to name a few.



Wickett by Steven Miller

Q: What kind of artwork do you most enjoy doing/creating?

A: Fantasy Art that looks real-like it could come off the page.


Q: What projects have you worked on in the past?

A: Xena, X Men 3, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Frankenstein, Marilyn Monroe, Spiderman 3, The Wizard of OZ, Mars Attacks, Wolverine, Ironman, Dexter,Marvel Masterpieces, just about every Marvel Comic set by RA, DC Legacy,GRIMM, Deadworld, Various Charity Events



Q: What is your Dream Project? (if you have one)

A: To collaborate with Mike Grell on a Warlord project or David Mack on a Kabuki project!



Mater by Steven Miller

Q: What do you like about the art world?

A: The freedom to express myself through my artwork. Some of the really great people you meet, other artists, collectors, fans, cosplayers.


Q: What do you DISlike about the art world?

A: The overwhelming amount of new artists that are flooding the industry with great art, but they are trying to get their foot in the door and do not realize the detriment they cause themselves as well as us veterans when they put such low price tags on their art.
Also the middle school mentality I see on a lot of these art forums or discussion groups- there is no freedom to give an honest opinion without offending one of the members of one of the various cliches. I try to distance myself from such activities.


Q: What is the best advice you’ve been given professionally?

A: I’ve been given a lot of advice over the years since I started in 2001.
Some of my favorites- Billy Tucci, “Start with a light sketch,get your bearings then darken and tighten it up.”
Joe Jusko, “I make these clouds by scubbling the brush across the canvass.”
David Mack, “Sometimes you just have to let the art take over- let it do its thing through you.”


Galadriel by Steven Miller

Q: What is your goal, professionally?

A: To do comic covers, novel covers, and pinup pieces


Q: What wouldn’t you do without, and why? (could be art supplies, or anything else you wish)

A: My golden pencil, my friends and family, and my 3 dogs 2 cats and beta fish- oh and my bonsai trees. Oh yeah plenty of ice cold coca-cola.


Q: Are you open for commissions, and if so, how can people contact you?

A: Always- or The Art of Steven Miller Celestial Dream Studios on Face book


Q: What super power(s) would you like to have, and why? (could be more than one)

A: The power to know anything and everything- you could then train yourself to do or know anything-nothing would be impossible.

Time travel- so I could go back in time before my son passed away.


If you would like to learn more about Steven, see more of his work, commission him – or anything else in between… his contact info is listed below! 🙂  Thanks for reading, and Thanks Steven, for being our Eleventh Artist Spotlight! 🙂


Steven’s Contact Info:

Name: Steven Miller



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