Weekly Comics Round Up – August 22

Here we are again friends, time to talk about our favorite funny books.  Let’s take a look at what hit the racks this week.

Amazing Spider-Man #692

Can you believe it’s been 50 years since Spider-Man first launched?!  Hard to believe that our favorite webhead has been around that long.  This issue is a great tribute to him and all those who have helped to create and shape the world of Peter Parker.

In addition to the main story, there are several side stories that are tributes to Spider-Man.  Honestly, I enjoyed the side stories more than the main story.  The main story introduces a new character named “Alpha” whose backstory is very similar to Peter Parker’s.  In fact Peter is partially responsible for the accident that causes Alpha’s powers.

It’s an interesting story because it shows the fallibility of Peter Parker and has all those great moments that we love about Spider-Man.  The downside is that Alpha is a complete douchebag, which I guess is realistic, but he is just an unlikeable character.  It’s almost like he is a character out of Kick-Ass.

Even with this, this issue is an absolute must buy for any one who has ever been a fan of Spider-Man.


Batman Inc. #3

This is the issue that was delayed due to the events of Aurora, CO.  Really and truly there isn’t anything wrong or disturbing about this issue, but there are a few scenes that would have seemed very insensitive in light of what happened.

I really like this story, but this issue just felt like it was lacking a bit.  There were some twists that were pretty clear what was going on, but even though we saw the twist coming the scene was still a lot of fun.

Damian proves himself to be quite the little bastard here, and the scenes with him and Dick are always fun.  Hearing Dick say “I liked the cape” was great.



Punisher #14

The Punisher continues to shape his protege, and we are never quite sure where she is following his plans and where she is going off on her own

The story continues to be really good, seeing how someone becomes like the Punisher and how far removed from his humanity the Punisher is.  Also, there are some great easter eggs included in this, some are just set dressing and some even figure into the story.

It’s these little things that make the comics so much fun and to see that all of these Marvel stories exist in the same universe is part of the fun of reading Marvel.  It’s nice to see that this is slowly becoming part of the cinematic universe as well.

When this story wraps up it, I hope someone in Hollywood takes notice because I think this would make a great Punisher film.


Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #4

I really love this story.  This has to be one of my favorite time periods of the Star Wars universe right now.  Seeing that transition from Revenge of the Sith to A New Hope, the Dark Times.  A lot of that time is Darth Vader destroying his last remaining pieces of humanity.

This shows the true violent nature of the Dark Side, as one character says in the middle of a battle “This isn’t war, it’s just violence.”

In the middle of all this fighting, there are some truly great human moments, as two characters share a moment of peace, and how they hoped for a simple life before being dragged into the grander stage of Intergalactic Civil War.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #13

This one of my favorite series right now, however this issue mostly left me flat.  It’s not all bad, but the first half of the issue just didn’t do much for me.

The first half of the story just didn’t have the impact that I was expecting, and the art seems to have changed in the last few issues.  I’m sure I will adapt to it, but I didn’t really enjoy the art in this issue.

But, once the second half of the issue began, we did get some great moments and I am excited for the next few issues.

In the end, this is just one of those bumps on the road, upon reading the whole series, I’m sure it will shine better than it does now.


The Ultimates #14

The United States is crumbling, and only a handful of people seem to want to try and reunite it.  There is a group behind the splintering of the United States, and they have yet to fully reveal themselves.

It really is great to see Captain America back into the fight and leading the charge.

Reading this issue, it does seem like this is an issue that Marvel is pushing (or should be pushing) to those people who aren’t reading the comics but saw The Avengers in theaters this summer.  The roster is straight out of the movies with Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow.

I’m just curious as to how they are going to put the world back together at the end of this.  Of course that is part of the Ultimate universe that the world never gets put back together, no matter what happens the story keeps going.  There is no magic reset button to bring dead heroes back to life or restore destroyed cities.  So how do you end a series where the US is crumbling, nearing civil war and has thousands dead.


Uncanny X-men #17

If you take away anything from this issue, you should take away that Psylocke is a damned Ninja, as she has to remind people constantly during this issue.

The battle with Mister Sinister reaches it’s climax here as he attempts to steal the Phoenix power from the Phoenix 5.

I really have to admit that I think this issue might have had a bigger impact if it was released more in line with the larger AvX storyline.  It’s hard to read the AvX story where the Phoenix 5 is now down to 2, but here the other 3 are still around and still powered.  So, I’m not sure how or where this fits into the story.

It’s another one of those “when you read it later, it will all make sense” kind of things I guess.

It is great to see some of the non-Phoenix mutants time to shine though.  They have been spending the last few months mostly sitting on the sidelines while the Phoenix 5 have been handling everything.


Wolverine Annual #1

We get twice the Wolverine this week, first up is the Annual issue.  This continues the story from the Fantastic Four Annual and Daredevil Annual.

Much like the Daredevil Annual, this was not my favorite, mostly because I feel that the regular ongoing title is better.  However this one did have some good moments of Wolverine’s past, and some interesting time travel moments that were almost like something out of Doctor Who.

This is not a bad issue, but it just feels so different from the tone of the ongoing story.  Again, much like the Daredevil story.  It does cover more of the mystical side of the Marvel universe, which it is kind of fun to see Wolverine’s take on that.  I almost think this story might have worked better if the focus was more on Dr. Strange and featured Daredevil, Wolverine and such as guests in his story instead of the other way around.


Wolverine #312

The story continues with Wolverine and the return of Sabretooth.  It seems that Wolverine does in fact have a kryptonite… Redheads.  They will always be the downfall of him.

There are some great moments here, and even a bit more exploring of the Weapon X program that created Wolverine.

Even though I don’t know much about the history between Wolverine and the people he is fighting here.  Of course that’s nothing in this day of Wikipedia and Comixology.  A few clicks online and I can find out everything.  Even with that being said, this is still an enjoyable story, and it’s always interesting to hear more about the Weapon X program.

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