Artist Spotlight # 9 – Ashleigh Popplewell


Welcome to our Ninth edition of Artist Spotlight.  This week’s Artist is Ashleigh Popplewell!



Ashleigh Popplewell

Q: Who are you and what do you do?

A: My name is Ashleigh Popplewell and I am a freelance artist/illustrator with an emphasis in trading card art.


Q: How do you work? (Tools of the trade, etc)

A: I use copic markers, colored pencils and paint in various combinations to create my work.


Q: How did you get your start?

A: A friend who was a fan of pop culture suggested I try to get onto a sketch card set, and I submitted work to Breygent. That was where it all began 🙂



Harley Quinn by Ashleigh Popplewell

Q: What styles of art do you most identify with (please feel free to include other artist’s names, or other inspirations, etc.)

A: I tend to identify with work that is representational and of a more realistic nature, because my training was in figure painting.


Q: What kind of artwork do you most enjoy doing/creating?

A: I love doing suggestivist paintings full of symbolism.


Q: What projects have you worked on in the past?

A: Various Trading Card Sets Including: Star Wars Galactic Files, Star Wars Galaxy 7, Marvel Beginnings II, Avengers Assemble, Grimm Fairy Tales, Wonderland, The Walking Dead, Marvel Premier, Vampirella, Vampirella II, Red Sonja


Q: What is your Dream Project? (if you have one)

A: If such a thing were possible, I’d love to work on a Labyrinth project.



Sarah and Jareth from Labyrinth by Ashleigh Popplewell

Q: What do you like about the art world?

A: All the inspirational artwork being produced.


Q: What do you DISlike about the art world?

A: Bickering, backbiting, disrespect


Q: What is the best advice you’ve been given professionally?

A: Always be professional and kind.


Q: What is your goal, professionally?

A: To continue to create art in one capacity or another. I’d love to illustrate books at some point.



Wizard of Oz Doorman by Ashleigh Popplewell

Q: What wouldn’t you do without, and why? (could be art supplies, or anything else you wish)

A: I hate to say it, but I would die without the internet. I have gotten various gigs and sold artwork online, and if I couldn’t get on every day to socialize and *cringe* check my Facebook and Twitter accounts, I might go crazy.


Q: Are you open for commissions, and if so, how can people contact you?

A: Yes! I can be contacted at any time via e-mail


Q: What super power(s) would you like to have, and why? (could be more than one)

A: I’d love to be able to travel through time.


If you would like to learn more about Ashleigh , see more of her work, commission her – or anything else in between… her contact info is listed below! 🙂  Thanks for reading, and Thanks Ashleigh, for being our Ninth Artist Spotlight! 🙂


Ashleigh’s Contact Info:

Name: Ashleigh Popplewell



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