Weekly Comics Round Up! August 15th

It seems this week belongs to the Ladies.  All the books, except one, feature strong female protagonists.  So, let’s dive in and see what we pulled this week.

Avengers Vs. Xmen #10

This book continues to be the back and forth, good and bad, book.  However it does feel like things are building to a climax (hopefully).

The Phoenix Two (which should really be Three if you count Phoenix-Scott’s Ego) take another beating this week and Hope (I’m not really sure what exactly are her powers) is the one delivering some of the blows.  Definitely didn’t see it coming.  I’m hoping that they just didn’t turn her into one giant Deus Ex Machina.

This is a good entry into the story and it is nice to see Scott knocked down a peg or two.  He’s just been so damned arrogant this whole story.



Alabaster Wolves #5

This quite the epic finale (and cliffhanger) for this miniseries.

On the surface it seems that this is an issue that is mostly a villain monologuing with the typical “Join me and together we can rule” nonsense.  But, I found it to be gripping, and by the end the status quo has been changed.  I can’t wait to see more of this.

This whole story has been an unexpected turn.  I don’t think anyone could have predicted the directions it has gone.  I know I’ll be reading this one again, maybe even be one to pick up in trade once it’s released.

Many writers should take note of this story, this is how you can take a storyline that sounds like the most recycled overheated garbage and make it truly exciting and interesting.  In the wrong hands this could have been merely a warmed over Buffy clone.

I really can’t recommend checking this one out highly enough.


Fatale #7

We are into the second issue of “Part 2” for this book.  If Part 1 was 40’s detective noir, then Part 2 is shaping up to be the drug fueled madness of the 70’s.  This is Wonderland and Manson with Demon cults.

This book is one you can’t just read once and put away in the long box forever.  You have to go back and reread the whole story, catching bits and pieces you missed on the first time around.

The writer’s have really done their homework about the different time periods and they have captured the periods without forcing it.

A great book for fans of classic horror and suspense.  You never quite know where the story is going.


Captain Marvel #2

With the first book it was really me taking a chance on a book that I had heard some people talking about online.  This second issue really cemented my interest.  I’m still not sure on the story, but the writing of the character is what keeps me coming back.

Even with this character, who I really know nothing about, the writing is very strong and keeps me hooked.

I’m not completely sold on the art, but it is growing on me.  It seems that is the case with most books now.  If one piece is strong enough, I will forgive the weaknesses of the other, and eventually grow used to it.



Batwoman #12

This book has been one of the best things coming out of DC right now, but I do have to admit it was starting to lose me.  The last few issues had felt very disjointed with lots of jumping around in time, and a confusing story arc.

This issue is return to form though.  Arguably the best issue in the last 3 or 4 months, and it brings in Wonder Woman.  Echoing back to the classic Worlds’ Finest books of the past.

Batwoman has been making the rounds recently, helping out Batgirl last week and now she’s going to Themyscira to enlist the help of Wonder Woman in her fight against Medusa, who might actually be the real Medusa and not just a criminal organization.


Daredevil #17

Speaking of a return to form, we have a fantastic Daredevil issue here.  But it’s not really a return to form because the previous issue was an “annual” issue and outside of this series continuity.

Now I feel I have to make that action of pushing my taped up horn rimmed glasses back up on my nose.

But this is a great issue, and for a newbie to Daredevil like me, it’s kind of fun to see them referencing the silliness that is Daredevil’s rogues gallery.  Seriously this issue has Stiltman in it…. let’s say that again.. Stiltman.  It’s ridiculous and wonderful.  It really goes back into my thoughts about this series being kind of throwback to an older era of comics.

This issue has a great story about Foggy and Matt’s past, and a very nice moment with Matt and his father, which ties into the larger story involving someone using Matt’s father against him.

Seriously, this book is well worth all the awards and critical praise being heaped on it.  If you’re not reading it, you’re doing yourself a disservice.


Saga #6

It’s really hard to talk about this book, because it’s story really is a saga.  It feels like this story could go in a hundred different directions.  We are seeing this tiny little slice of a much larger universe.  Which I think is what I love about it.

This book could just as easily have gone in a standard Star Wars type of direction where we back away from the individual character’s and see the larger battle being waged.  This book stays focused on the characters.  This interspecies galactic war is really just a backdrop for a “star-crossed” (I’m sorry, I really have to apologize for that one) lover’s tale.

I really hope that this one continues for a while because we have just gotten a taste of this larger wonderful world that they have created.


Wonder Woman #12

Wonder Woman makes her second appearance this week.  This time it’s her continuing story of the fight for the thrown of Olympus.  I really love this book and I love the twisted turning tale of infighting and backbiting among the children of Zeus.

I feel like this book could become a discussion piece in a Greek mythology class.  It’s enough to send you to Wikipedia to research how all these complicated relationships work and who is related to whom and what is the story behind each one of them.

Suffice it to say this book is great.  The conflicts are exciting and you are constantly questioning who is doing what and what are their motivations behind everything.

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