Artist Spotlight #8 – Frank A. Kadar


Welcome to our Eighth edition of Artist Spotlight.  This week’s Artist is Frank A. Kadar!



The Hulk – by Frank A. Kadar

Q: Who are you and what do you do?

A: Well I’m Frank A. Kadar, you can call me Frank. Basically I am a freelance artist who specializes in full color paintings, illustrations, sketch cards, comic art, etc. I am a graduate from The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. I’ve been an artist pretty much my whole life.



Q: How do you work? (Tools of the trade, etc)

A: I work pretty well, thanks for asking. I usually have music blasting while I work or I have movies in the background…whatever inspires to get me going to work. Some of the materials I use are acrylics, watercolors, prismacolor markers, copics, color pencils and love.



Q: How did you get your start?

A: After I graduated from art school, I landed some odd jobs here and there. The biggest job I did get was for a small independent company. The comic book was called ParaTroop. I got to illustrate a couple of pages for one of the issues and painted the cover to the comic’s third issue. That was my very first published comic book work.



Loki by Frank A. Kadar

Q: What styles of art do you most identify with (please feel free to include other artist’s names, or other inspirations, etc.)

A: The style I like is anything that’s really eye catching, in your face and that makes you go WHOA. Some of my inspirations are Drew Struzan, Alex Ross, Simon Bisley, Adam Hughes, Lee Bermejo, Brian Bolland, Oliver Coipel, Jimmy Cheung, Jim Lee, J Scott Campbell, and Arthur Adams.



Q: What kind of artwork do you most enjoy doing/creating?

A: Right now it has been mostly comic book related work. I’ve always done it and now to do it professionally makes it even more rewarding. I have done abstract work in the past mostly for myself. I haven’t done it awhile since I have been busy with other things.


Q: What projects have you worked on in the past?

A: I have done quite a few lately, here some of I’ve done and some coming out soon:

Cryptozoic Entertainment
DC New 52 Trading card set

Rittenhouse Archives:
Marvel: 2012 Greatest Heroes (Avengers)
Marvel Universe 2011
Dangerous Divas
Heroes and Villains

Upper Deck:
Avengers Assemble – Movie Card Set
The Avengers: Kree-Skrull War
Captain America: The First Avenger
Marvel Beginnings

Warrior Nun Areala
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle

Breygent Marketing Inc.
Red Sonja

Versicolor Productions:
The Bettie Page Collection set 1 and 2



BatWoman by Frank A. Kadar

Q: What is your Dream Project? (if you have one)

A: I have a few. I would love to one day get a chance to illustrate Batman and Spider-Man and I even have a pretty cool story that I would love to do a crossover with them. I want to do my own comic book eventually. I don’t think it has been done yet. I just have to find and make time for it. I also would love to paint book covers and paint movie posters. I really miss the days when movie posters were done by actual artists and not done by Photoshop jockeys.


Q: What do you like about the art world?

A: I love how everyone is passionate about what they do. They love what they do and are following their dreams. Not many people in this world can say they love what they do for a living.


Q: What do you DISlike about the art world?

A: Art thieves, egos, backstage politics, and artists who think their shit don’t stink.



Batman by Frank A. Kadar

Q: What is the best advice you’ve been given professionally?

A: Be original, and never give up.



Q: What is your goal, professionally?

A: To be the best in the world! No really, my goal is to make it as an artist, to do what I love and be successful at it.


Q: What wouldn’t you do without, and why? (could be art supplies, or anything else you wish)

A: It would have to be my sense of humor and imagination. I don’t know what I would do without them.




Bane by Frank A. Kadar

Q: Are you open for commissions, and if so, how can people contact you?

A: I am open for commissions. You can either reach me through Facebook or by emailing me at


Q: What super power(s) would you like to have, and why? (could be more than one)

A: Definitely has to be the mutant power of magnetism and a healing factor. No one could stop you.







If you would like to learn more about Frank , see more of his work, commission him – or anything else in between… his contact info is listed below! 🙂  Thanks for reading, and Thanks Frank, for being our Eighth Artist Spotlight! 🙂


Frank’s Contact Info:

Name: Frank A. Kadar
Website: The-Art-of-Frank-A-Kadar (facebook page)



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