Weekly Comics Round Up! August 1st

If the comics had a winner each week, I believe this week would go to Spider-Man.  He had two great books this week.  Each showcased a different side of the character and why he has remained such a fan favorite for 50 years.

Avengers Vs. Xmen #9

The AvX event continues on this week.  It seems that as soon as I start to get event fatigue  and wonder what is going on with this, the next issue just fully delivers and pulls me back in.  This week’s issue was one of those great books.

It starts out with a poor unseen hero in a losing fight with a Phoenix powered Colossus.  Things can’t go well for this poor person.  Things aren’t going well for the Avengers on the whole, they have been suffering loss after loss to the Phoenix Five Four.  It’s now clear that the power is corrupting them.  Namor was just the beginning.

Ultimately this issue boils down to some great speeches about being a hero from Spider-Man to Hope, and at the end we see what being a hero truly means, and the sacrifice that is sometimes called for.

This might be the best issue of the series so far.


Avenging Spider-Man #10

Another great entry from Spider-Man.  This time around it’s a more light hearted entry, showcasing more of the humour that the character is famous for.

This is the conclusion to the Captain Marvel story from last month.  Captain Marvel and Spidey continue to figure out the mystery surrounding the young girl calling herself Robyn Hood (with a Y for freedom).

Again, we really see Spidey being a true hero, using his brain as much as his brawn, and the-formerly-known-as-Ms.-Marvel Captain Marvel is really showcased well here.  These two issues and her stand alone series have really made a fan of her and excited to see more about her.


Daredevil #16

Once again, it’s time to gush over how great this series is.  I’m sorry, but it’s just fantastic and it’s one of my favorites.

This time around, Daredevil is being healed by the Avengers after they rescued him from Latveria.  This issue also showcases one of those great “Can only happen in comics” moments.  Ant-Man has shrunk himself down and is fighting off the nano-bots that have infected Daredevil’s brain.  While he was walking around inside his brain, Ant-Man keeps triggering memories and parts of his brain.  It’s as ridiculous and awesome as it sounds.

What really makes this kind of story great is that it has Ant-Man experiencing parts of Daredevil’s life and he really begins to understand him and how his experiences have shaped him.

And just as Daredevil’s life has been saved, it seems that Matt Murdoch’s personal life is falling apart.


Earth 2 #4

This series continues to build.  It’s following the classic hero origin story that we have seen in recent movies.  What do you do when you discover you have powers?  How do you actually apply those powers to help people and become the hero?

It’s an interesting story so far, and shows promise for the future.  I just hope that it delivers on the promise.






Worlds’ Finest #4

This is another series that is continuing to build.  It has a lot of promise and some great character work.  However, the villain is a bit bland and it really feels stretched to have him now in 4 issues.  He really feels like someone who should have been taken care of in 2.

Like I said, though, the strength of this book is in the characters.  I really enjoy the interplay of these two heroes trapped on a world that is so familiar to their world, but so different.  Also, seeing Helena wearing a Batman Tshirt while researching her “parents” was just a great little moment.

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