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Let me apologize first, there are probably going to be a few spoilers in this post – so if you haven’t seen all of the True Blood episodes up to and including Season 5, or haven’t read any of the books – you might want to go consume it all and come back to read this post. ūüėČ ¬†Just a heads-up. ūüôā

Even though I consider myself a true “Trubie” – I’m a little at a loss so far in season 5 to be honest. ¬†As someone who has read all of the Southern Vampire Series books by Charlaine Harris, also known as the Sookie Stackhouse books; I can see remnants from the books, but this season has taken the biggest departure from the books so far in my opinion. ¬†Things that technically should have happened before now, are just now happening (shifter hunting), and things that were never in the books are going on and I’m trying to make sense of it all. ¬†I know that the show is “it’s own thing” that is loosely based on the novels, and that’s fine, but I’m starting to wonder if they have a real goal or endpoint to this new path of “Lilith” for the vampires, and how can they wrap up this portion without totally screwing up the story-line all together.

So far, out of everything, Season 1 remained the most faithful to the books. ¬†There were changes, and certain things paired down, or added, ect… and I get that. ¬†That is not the part that I really have an issue with, as I know books cannot be literally translated to the screen because some things that work in the written form, do not work in the visual mediums. ¬†However, given that, I am still having a hard time grasping what exactly they have in store for Sookie with the whole “fairy-power-zapper” thing she now does.

She never had that ability in the books, and while it was an interesting addition to the show, I think that it’s become a bit clich√© to be honest. ¬†And now they are saying that since she isn’t a full-blooded fairy, that her powers will drain if she does not use them sparingly. ¬†Hmm… sounds kinda¬†weird¬†to me, like they didn’t know where to go with it once they started it. ¬†Sookie’s only abilities have been her mind-reading, and it’s not connected with her being part fairy at all. ¬†Her mind-reading is what makes her unique, and when you combine that with the less than a quarter of fairy blood (not half – like the latest episode stated) you basically have a vampire/supernatural-being magnet. Which leads to her getting tangled up in way more vampire, werewolf, and other ‘sup’ business than she ever wanted to know about. ¬†It just doesn’t make any sense to me at this point in time. ¬†Perhaps later on once more of the story unfolds, it will, but for now… nope.

Oh, and then there is the whole thing about the death of Sookie and Jason’s parents. ¬†In the novels, their parents were killed by other fairies, although it appeared they were caught in a flash flood and drowned, but in truth it was the work of the ‘water fairies’. ¬†Now, in the show, they are saying that they were killed by a vampire!? ¬†Seriously!? ¬†In the novels, there is a “war” between two factions in the faery world, the water fairies, and the sky fairies. ¬†One group believes one thing, and the other group believes the opposite… as so many conflicts begin and evolve into war. ¬†Anyhoo, Sookie and Jason’s father is part-fairy. ¬†Essentially Sookie’s grandmother, Adele, ended up having an affair with a fairy because her husband wasn’t able to father children, and she wanted them so badly. ¬†She was not proud of what she did and never told a living soul, but she was proud of her children that she was able to have. ¬†But back to the story, etc… ¬†Sookie’s biological grandfather was part of the sky fairies, of whom welcomed interspecies breeding (breeding with humans), although the water faeries did not approve of that stance… which is where the conflict begins and why Sookie’s parents were targeted by the water fairies and drowned.

The show has already established the the fae are not beings to be trusted when we saw Sookie escaping the land of the fae… and how grotesque they looked without their guise to fool humans. ¬†I don’t understand what this new ‘twist’ to the death of Sookie’s parents is supposed to accomplish. ¬†Then again, I haven’t seen how it’s all going to play out, so I might eat my words later on. ¬†However, I felt that the fairy war in the books was very compelling, and would lend itself well to the tv series, but that’s just my opinion.

Honestly, Tara as a vampire is just weird to me. ¬†I like the character, but she never had as prominent of a role in the books as what she has in the show. ¬†In the books, despite her rough childhood, she opened up her own clothing store, and was doing well for herself, and eventually went on to get married and have twins. ¬†But now that she’s a vampire – that whole storyline is gone for her… at least in the essence that was laid out in the books. ¬†I both like and dislike the fact that Tara is now a vampire though. ¬†She’s always been a strong character that didn’t take anyone’s crap, but now… I dunno… she just seems very disgruntled. ¬†Granted she’s not happy with the hand that she has been dealt, being turned and all, but there’s just something about her that’s different aside from the obvious.

Lafayette, he is actually one of my favorite characters. ¬†I was glad that they didn’t kill him off like in the first book. ¬†But this whole being a medium and communing with the dead, and now the brujo (hispanic shaman) that’s more demonic in appearance, that he obtained due to the witch issue from Season 4 from Jesus… wth is up with that? ¬†It was interesting at first, I’ll give it that. ¬†Although at this point in the story line, it leads me to wonder if they have a larger plot for Lafayette in mind, or if it’s going fizzle out.

One of the things that I would like to see happen is the appearance of Niall, Sookie’s biological Fae-Grandfather. ¬†Although it doesn’t look like they are going in that direction for a while. Oh, and Claude, the beautiful fairy cousin of Sookie’s… looks nothing like described in the book – that kinda bugs me honestly. ¬†I wasn’t sure who I was looking at until he introduced himself. ¬†And why is the fairy club out in the middle of a field? ¬†Again… another thing that didn’t make sense to me, it just seemed pointless. ¬†There are several other things going on with other characters that I haven’t touched on, that I plan to eventually. But again, Season 5 is still going on – and I don’t know what they have in store, or how they will tie everything together. ¬†I can just hope that they have this all woven together and we’re only getting to see small snippets of the entire picture before it’s all clear.

I love the Southern Vampire stories, and though I understand that certain things from the books may not translate well to the screen, it would have been nice if they had at least made the attempt to show more of the source material in the show. ¬†Again, that’s just my opinion though.

Eventually, I will come back and try to write a better review/opinion piece on Season 5 once I figure out what the hell they are doing, lol.  But until then, I encourage you to read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books, and watch all of True Blood, and compare them yourself.

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