Weekly Comics Round up – July 18th

Another week has come and gone and it brought with it a movie about a man dressed as a bat, maybe some people went to go see it, but it also brought with it some new comic books.  And this week was another big one.

Avengers Vs. Xmen #8

The AvX story continues, and I’m really hoping that we are getting an endgame soon, because this still feels like we are just trying to keep the balls moving.

This issue can pretty much be summed up as “Namor is pissed!”  However we do see that the Phoenix 5 are not unstoppable and they do have weaknesses.  That is a nice wrinkle to the story and does give the Avengers some momentum in their fight.

I’m really more interested now in the fallout of this story, than the story itself.  It is radicallyl reshaping the Marvel universe and I’m curious to see what happens in the next 4 issues and beyond.


Uncanny Xmen #16

For those feeling event fatigue from the AvX story should be reading some of the side stories in the regular books.  I think this portion of the AvX fight and the Phoenix 5 fight on Mr. Sinister is more interesting than the AvX story right now.

The Phoenix 5 have taken over so much, that you feel for those Xmen left behind who did not get the Phoenix powers.  They really just have nothing to do anymore except sit around and wait for the other shoe to drop.

Sinister’s plans are in motion and he doesn’t seem to be worried about the Xmen attacking him.  So far everything seems to be going according to his plans.. for now.

This issue is a little confusing as to where it fits into the grand AvX story considering what happens to Namor in the current AvX book.


Wolverine #309

Marvel… seriously, learn how to count.  I know I’ve harped on this a lot recently, but it’s damn confusing.  Coming next month is issue #507 with #296 in 2 weeks after that and Sept 1st marks the launch of Wolverine #1000.  That’s a little extreme, I know, but it’s confusing and doesn’t make any sense as to why it was done that way.  At least know I can read the story in proper order now.

I did really enjoy this story of parallels between two characters who can kill with a touch.  I hope we can see some of these characters again.  It was tragic to see what happened to some of the mutants when they were depowered.


Alabaster: Wolves #4

Another one of those stories that I have gushed about in the past and this issue is going to continue that trend.  I can’t get enough of this story.  It is truly original and doesn’t feel like anything else out there.  Honestly, I can’t recommend this one highly enough.

This time around, we find out some very disturbing facts and history about this strange town that we have found ourselves in, and even some help from an unlikely ally, and it is now moving into the final chapter.



Batwoman #11

The story of the drowning woman and the lost kids has entered it’s final chapter, for now at least.  This issue is all tragedy, sorrow and joy.  The darkness is held back by a ray of hope at the end, that maybe there is a chance for a happy ending to this story.

Another solid story, with good artwork.  There is less jumping around this time and the story is better for it.

This is one story that I am going to have to read all the way through from the beginning in one sitting.  I think this is a story that may work better in the trade paperback.  Either way you read it, this is a great story and one of the best things DC is putting out right now.


Captain Marvel #1

This is the relaunch of Ms. Marvel, now known as Captain Marvel.  A new costume, a new haircut and a new outlook finally has her taking the plunge and assuming the mantle of Captain Marvel.  It was on a lot of positive buzz and word of mouth that I decided to check this  one out.  I am very happy that I decided to pick it up.

I honestly didn’t know much of anything about Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel before reading this issue.  I read some of the background info on Wikipedia and just jumped into this issue.  It’s a great story with some touching moments.  I’m definitely in for more on this one.


Daredevil #15

Daredevil is still trapped in Latveria, Doom wants to carve up his brain to find out how exactly his powers work.  Daredevil has also been pumped full of a drug that nullifies all his senses, he is truly blind, unable to hear, see or feel anything.

But, you can’t count old Hornhead out that easily.  He has to find a way to counteract the drug, and a find a way out of Doom’s castle in the middle of Latveria, all while trying to literally save his head.

A great series continues with another great book.


Saga #2,3,4,5

I had heard a lot of talk about this series before finally taking the plunge on issue #1 and I quickly realized that this is a series I need to be reading.  I have finally gotten caught up with the remaining issues in the series and this series continues to impress.

The universe created is a very original one, and the story borrows from some of the literary greats.  Magic vs. technology.  Star crossed lovers on the run, and it’s all narrated by a newborn baby sometime after the events.

This is a great story and I’m hooked.  I can’t wait for more from this.  Even the letters to the editor at the end are entertaining.


Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who #3

This series continues to be a ton of fun.  It is simply a must read for any Doctor Who or Star Trek fan.  I’m not sure how they did it, but they managed to get the best parts of both combined into one story.

What makes this issue even better is a flashback to a time when a different Doctor met a different crew of the Enterprise.  The art style even changes which is simply fantastic.  Seeing the Fourth Doctor talking to Capt. Kirk was simply great and well worth the price of admission.

I can’t wait for more.


Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #3

It’s no secret that I am a huge Star Wars fan, and this might just be the best Star Wars comic out there right now.  Hayden Blackman’s writing is great (he’s also the writer behind the equally great Batwoman as well) and the art is solid.

It puts you into the Imperial Officers during a coup attempt after the events of Revenge of the Sith.  Characters have to deal with being on the run during a coup, an assassination attempt on the Emperor and try to deal with Darth Vader and the ghosts of his past.

A great series, and anything that sheds more light on the “dark times” era of Star Wars is a good thing.


Wonder Woman #11

Wonder Woman’s crazy greek family drama continues.  So far she has found out the truth behind her birth, battled just about every god and goddess of the greek pantheon and survived a trip to Hades.

This one continues to deliver on the goods of the previous, and this story is building to it’s climax where we will find out the truth behind the disappearance of Zeus and what exactly is going on with the pregnancy.

With these double crossing gods, you never quite know whose side you are on.  Allies become traitors, foes become allies.  This is another story that works well in the long form, reading month to month you can forget pieces and not be able to follow the longer story.

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