The Senseless Tragedy of Aurora, CO

This site, the blog and the podcast were created as a fun place for us all to talk about those things that we were passionate about.  To have fun, be creative, and be silly about our favorite things.  So, I feel I must apologize up front.  The news today coming out of Aurora, CO is none of that.  It is tragic, sad, infuriating, frustrating and senseless.

The facts of the incident are like something out of your typical summer action movie.  Sadly this time around there was no superhero to step in and save the day, there is only the tragic loss of life.

It is worth noting the movie that everyone was there to see, Dark Knight Rises.  The new Batman movie.  Not your typical summer popcorn fest.  These films, and the character they built upon, are about a man who stands up against the hordes of evil that have infested his home of Gotham City.  Standing up as one man against the darkness and becoming a symbol that the people don’t need to be afraid, that justice will be served, and they need not let the criminals take over.  That one man can make a positive difference.

I want to say it’s ironic that this was the film they were all there to see, but I don’t feel that word is appropriate or even correct for the situation.

Batman was born out of his own personal tragedy.  Batman may be a superhero, but he is still just a man.  He has used what he has available to him, and trained himself to be the hero that can stand against the tide of evil in Gotham. He does all this without resorting to killing.  He uses his mind as much as he uses his fists.

Already in the media and the political sphere they are trying to put a spin on these events. Everyone wants to blame someone or something for this.  It’s understandable for people to want to make sense out of a senseless tragedy like this.  But people don’t seem to want to accept the fact that there is no sense in this act.  This was the act of a crazy/evil man doing a crazy/evil act.

This was not about the movie.  This was not about the comics.  This was not about the music he listened to or the TV shows he watched.  This was a bad man who did a terrible thing.

I’ve always strived to keep politics and other such hot button divisive topics out of the discussions here on the site, but you can’t talk about a situation like this without the issues of gun control coming up.

There are those who would say that stronger gun control laws could prevent an issue like this happening again.  On the opposite side, there are those who would say that more guns would deter someone from doing something like this in the future.  My thoughts are that both of these lines of thought are flawed and missing crucial points.

Tighter gun control laws will do nothing about the large amount of guns already out there, both legally and illegally available.  Let’s not forget that criminals do not obey the laws and if they are truly determined to do something terrible, they will find a way.

More guns is not the answer either.  First off you would have more opportunities for innocent people to be caught in the middle of a firefight.  Also, I’m not sure how many gun owners have had the proper training, nor do I think they have the backbone to actually point a gun at a person with the thought and intention to kill them.  I have witnessed that most people do not wish harm on another human, and it’s actually difficult for them to actively do true harm.

But, then again, these are just my thoughts.  I am not an expert on the matter.  As the comedian once said “That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.”

In the end, where does all this leave us?  A senseless tragedy carried out by a sick individual.  Hopefully some good will come out of this, something that can truly prevent others from having to go through this pain.  That is the true lesson to be taken from the mythology of Batman.


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