Wednesday Comics Round Up – July 11th

Here we are again, comics fans.  It’s another New Comic Day!

My unbalanced pull list continues into July, as this week I only have 2 titles.  Looking ahead to next week, it’s much more than 2.  But that is next week.

Amazing Spider-Man #9

This book is one of my favorites.  It is just an absolute delight to read every month.  It has helped a lot in me becoming a big fan of the Web Slinger.  It helps a lot that this book has me laughing out loud from literally the first page.  Essentially this book is Spider-Man’s adventures with a different Avenger each issue.  It’s a very Brave and the Bold type of book.

This time around Spidey is hanging out with Carol Danvers, who was formerly known as Ms. Marvel, but is now taking on the mantle of Captain Marvel.  This is her first appearance with the new title, and her own book launches next week.  I’m excited for it.  As this was my first experience with the character under either name, and I found more than enough to be excited for her own book.

Batman #11

The Court of the Owls story comes to a close… for now.  Batman is facing an enemy that seems to know his every move and secret.  This finale is just a knock down fight to the death between Batman and the last of the Talons.

A big bombshell was dropped in the last issue and we are still left wondering whether or not it was the truth.  It’s really up to us to decide if we believe the Talon or not.  Either way, this is not the last we have seen of the Talons or the Court of the Owls.

This storyline has been pretty great, toying with the very ideas of Batman, Gotham, even the Wayne family history.  It all wraps up with a great fight and then a nice scene between Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne, who had some problems in a past issue.  With how far they have gone with this story, I can’t wait to see where they go to next.

Heart (TPB)

While I didn’t technically pick this one up today, I did pick up the issues when they came out a few months ago.  This was a great story of a young up and coming MMA fighter.  Now that sounds like something that would put a lot of people off, especially geeks and comic fans.  However, this story is not about MMA, it’s a story of having heart and reaching for your goals.  You don’t need to be a fan of MMA to enjoy this story.

I highly recommend picking this book.  Comics don’t need to be all about capes and tights.  It can be refreshing to pick up a book that doesn’t involve magic, mutants or alien powers.

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