Wednesday Comics Round Up – July 4th

Here we are again, another New Comic Day… well slightly delayed due to the Fourth of July holiday and some nasty weather.  But thunderstorms, heat waves and National holidays aren’t enough to keep us from talking about our weekly comics.

So, let’s see what we have for this week.

Avengers Vs. Xmen #7

So, the AvX storyline continues.  This series which began as a slugfest has devolped some story.  Although it does feel a bit stretched and meandering.  5 of the Xmen have been given the Phoenix powers, and the Avengers are testing those powers limits.  The Avengers know that even though the Xmen have been restoring peace to the world, a benevolent dictator is still a dictator.

Everything seems to reside with Hope and the Scarlet Witch, the only thing the Avengers seem to hold that the Xmen are truly worried about.  The story is feeling a bit stretched, but I’m hoping that the creators have everything planned out.

Also, bonus points for a fantastic scene between Black Panther and Tony Stark.


Uncanny Xmen #15

Continuing in the AvX story, this story finds Mr. Sinister preparing for his own battle against the distracted Xmen.

Sinister’s world is an interesting one.  It’s nice to see that the super villains of the Marvel Universe are not just sitting this whole battle out on the sidelines waiting, but instead they are taking advantage of the distracted teams.  Also, Sinister seems to have his own plans for the Phoenix force.



Wolverine #310

I don’t know what it is about Marvel and Wolverine, but they can’t count.  It’s bloody confusing.  Last month we had #308 and in 2 weeks we will have #309.  So with that confusion in mind we have the rumoured return of Sabretooth who Wolverine last saw when he was chopping his head off and burying him.

I’m not too sure about the continuity because I swear we saw Sabretooth when Logan was traveling to Japan.  Anyways, Logan thinks him dead and this is him dealing with ghosts of past including Romulus.  Wolverine should know better than anyone that dead doesn’t mean dead.


Worlds’ Finest #3

Huntress and Power Girl are continuing their fight in Japan, and things are not going as planned.  I’m still not sure about this title.  The action is good, but the jumping around in time is getting a little annoying.  I wonder if this should’ve been done in chronological order instead of all the jumping around.

The interplay between the two characters is fun, and seeing the Earth 2 characters comparing themselves to their Earth 1 counterparts is interesting.



The Punisher #13

The Punisher and his female protege continue to take on Megacrime.  She is still torn between her personal vendettas and the Punisher’s plans.

The art in this issue is very different from the art on the previous issues.  It works based on the story, but I still miss the old art.

This story still continues to deliver and it’s great to see the interplay between Cole and Frank.





Earth 2 #2 & #3

Finally getting caught up on the current issue and last month’s infamous issue.  The Big 3 Superheroes are gone, and a new evil has arisen.  New heroes have begun to discover powers.  The Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkman have shown up to fight this new evil.

Of course, you can’t talk about this series without talking about issue #2’s reveal of Alan Scott, the new Green Lantern, being gay.  Of course like most controversies, this one is completely overblown.  The scene in question of Alan and his boyfriend is a tasteful scene of two people in love who have been apart for a long time.  The scene would play exactly the same if one of the characters was female.  Later on in the story it’s his love that becomes a defining characteristic and pushes him to be a hero.

My complaint is that the costumes are a little generic, and don’t really show much of the classic costumes that these characters had back in the original Golden Age incarnations.  Given that this is where the Earth 2 characters originated, I thought it would’ve been nice to have some of that echoed in the current costumes.

Orchid #8

It seems that Orchid has lost everything, everyone she has ever known or cared about is gone.  However it is in this moment that she discovers her true destiny and the power she holds.  This is a great story of loss and finding your strength to do what must be done.

War is coming and it’s up to Orchid to organize the people and lead them to rise up against their oppressors.  It’s a revolution to not only take back the power, but to destroy the corrupt system that has enslaved them.


Before we leave this week, I did try out the Marvel Augumented Reality App that they launched with AvX.  It’s interesting and does add a new layer to the comics, similar to what you will find on Blu-rays and DVDs.  The app does have one major limitation that is more than a little annoying.  As soon as you move your phone away from the page, you lose whatever content you have accessed.  So you are forced to hold your phone in the exact same spot over the page while you watch whatever is accessed.  Awkward and not a very intuitive design.  However the concept is solid, and enjoyable.

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