Wednesday Comics Round up – June 20

Well, I should have seen this week coming.  I have complained about my pull list being light, so of course this week I had a plethora of good comics.  So, let’s sit back and see what’s going on in each of them this week.

Alabaster: Wolves #3

This book was a big surprise to me.  It was one of those random books I picked up on a light week and I have been completely hooked on it.  It’s the story of a young girl who has been charged by an angel to kill demons, werewolves and other such nasty creatures.  We travel the backroads and the small forgotten towns of the south.

This is based on the writings of Caitlin R. Kiernan, and at some point after this miniseries wraps up, I’m definitely going to be checking out some of her books.




Avengers vs. Xmen #6

I’m glad that this series has moved away from just featuring characters pounding on each other.  That was interesting at first, but it’s not really enough to tell a story.  The Xmen have changed the game in this issue.  Essentially making the Avengers and the rest of the world ask themselves “What is the price of peace?”

We are halfway through this and I’m not sure where it is going, which is usually a good thing.  I just hope they can maintain it and not have it fizzle out before the end.



Avenging Spider-Man #8

I was not a big Spider-Man fan until I started reading some of his books.  This one especially helped sell me on the webslinger.  I must admit, I enjoyed this book, but a lot of the emotional impact was lost on me.  This issue is an epilogue to a story I never read.  This covers Silver Sable and Doctor Strange protecting a young girl from Dr. Doom.

The action and story is great, but for those who have read the “Ends of the Earth” storyline will get a lot more out of this, as it basically wraps up that story.  Lots of fun and some very awkward scenes for what is needed from Spidey to protect this young girl.  The fights with Dr. Doom are great as well.

Basically, this is a book loaded with characters that I know next to nothing about and I absolutely enjoyed it.  That says a lot for it.


Batwoman #10

Batwoman is by far one of my favorite DC comics right now, and quite possible one of the best looking books from the big 2 right now.  Of course this book is dealing with a complicated, emotional story, one that works better when you read them all together.  Some of the emotional impact is lost when you have 4 weeks between issues.  I think the story is also hurt by the amount of time jumping it does.  It’s becoming harder to follow what is going on and when.

I know I need to sit down and read the whole series back to back and things will flow better and probably answer a lot of the questions and confusion that I have right now.  However, even with some questions surrounding the plot, it is still a fantastic book to read, and the art is top notch and is very much it’s own unique style.  Though, I do miss Amy Reeder’s art, her time on the book was far too short.


Daredevil #14

Speaking of fantastic looking books, and Dr. Doom, we have Daredevil.  Dr. Doom has figured out how to deal with Daredevil in a most unique fashion, exploiting his weaknesses in a great way.  Well, great if you are a super villain.

I’ve gushed about Daredevil on here before and I honestly I can’t say enough good things about it.  It’s great and it’s a must read.






Punisher #12

Greg Rucka’s take on the Punisher, telling the story from all the supporting characters, and not including anything from the Punisher is great.  This issue really delves into what it means to be the Punisher, how he views himself, and the sacrifices he has made.  It’s even more powerful when we see it all from another character’s POV.  All the romanticism has been removed and we see the ugly truth behind it all.

The writing is strong, the art is bleak in all the best ways and it just builds a world that is harsh, brutal and ugly.  Just like the Punisher himself.




Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm #5

This newest entry into the Star Wars universe ends it’s first miniseries.  This has been a great introduction to the earliest days of the Jedi Order (then known as the Je’daii) and their first dealings with the invading Rakatan Empire.

A great story looking to the very beginnings of the Star Wars universe.  The next series for this title should be even better, because much of this was necessary world building.





Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #2

This might be my favorite Star Wars tale to have come out in a while.  It is the early days of the Empire and they are still trying to maintain order across the galaxy.

An organized terrorist strikes on Coruscant and an attempt was even made on the Emperor himself.  Darth Vader is dealing with ghosts of his past and only has a one armed loyal officer to help him restore order.

Haden Blackman’s writing is top notch and Agustin Alessio’s art and layouts are cinematic quality.




Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splinter

The Ninja Turtles saga continues with Splinter’s tale of his past life in feudal Japan.  This story deepens the Turtles mythology even deeper and gives a terrific backstory on Splinter.  This also adds a new depth to Splinter’s character, making him more than just the quiet Sensai, he has his own issues to deal with and has had to conquer his own demons.

For anyone who was ever a fan of the Turtles, this current comic run is required reading.  It has taken all the best parts of previous incarnations as well as adding it’s own elements to make a great story that is both nostalgic and original.



Uncanny X-men #14

With the Avengers vs. X-men story, some of the best stories are coming from the side books.  That is shown here where we have a book that is almost entirely focused on the Sinister world that Mr. Sinister has created for himself in a cavern under the Earth.  This not only gives a breath away from the AvX story, but also a unique story about a man rebelling for his freedom and unique identity in a world made up of clones.

Mr. Sinister also has his own plans for the X-men and their eventual return to finish what they started.

I am glad that they took a chance on a story like this when they could’ve just resorted to another slugfest.



Wolverine #308

Wolverine’s stories recently have definitely taken a turn for the strange.  From his crazy Kung-Fu adventure to the center of the Earth, to his dealing with demons and a trip to Hell.  Now we have him facing the evil family of Dr. Rot who has been spending years tinkering with Logan’s brain without him seeming to know.

This issue explores some of the more tragic sides of Wolverine.  Rot has been taking pieces of his brain, and Logan is forced to deal with that in the way that he does best.  Of course this leads to the problem of how does his brain and healing factor deal with it when these pieces have been removed, experimented on and then destroyed away from his body.  There is a price for immortality.



Wonder Woman #10

Wonder Woman is trapped in Hell and is about to wed the Lord of the Underworld.  This issue deals with Wonder Woman’s love for all and how far she will go, and what sacrifices she will make to save those in need.

This story has covered just about every corner of the classic Greek myths and all the tangled relationships involved in it.  I’m definitely enjoying this much more than I ever thought I would enjoy a Wonder Woman story.

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