Halo 4 Preview Review and Speculations

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Last weeks E3 Gaming Expo’s preview of the upcoming Halo 4 was the best release of information on 343 Industries’s contribution to the Halo series to go on sale November 6th of this year. The new trailer opened with a stunning live action film short of the newly built UNSC Infinity. You learn in this clip that this ship is the first of its kind to be built for exploration and not for waging war against the hated Covenant, the leading bad guys of the last 5 Halo games. As the film continues the Infinity’s short life is ended when it crash lands on to a planet.

The end of the trailer finishes with a few minutes of game play and here is where we get a great look into what we will be experiencing with this video game.

Story Line

Master Chief John-117 returns for the first time since Halo 3. Master Chief was excluded in Halo Reach the prequel to the series (Reach Spoiler: finish the game on Legendary for a “possible” peak at what “could” be Master Chief). Chief’s AI Cortana returns and appears to be a corner stone of the plot line.

Cortana normal life span is 7 years, she is now 8 and her programming is breaking down. No information was released as to what she does but by the end of the trailer she is very upset.

The bad guys of the game seems to be the Forerunner race of aliens. The Forerunners are an ancient civilization who pretty much died out thousands of years before the Halo games are based. But in the released game play Master Chief finds weapons that Cortana believes are from the Forerunner.

Game Play

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Chief has some upgrades for this game. He has a new ability, to be able see in what looks like infra red. His weapons are upgrades of the Halo 3 armaments. The Battle Riffle returns to three shot unlike the single shot of Reach that cause a considerable amount of aggravation to gamers in multi player (I am one of them I hate the SWAT game modes). The Forerunner weapons are pretty impressive, as you switch to or pick them up they “assemble” themselves into Chiefs hands. Cortana has a lot more in game conversations with the master chief along with 343’s addition picture in picture cut scenes that do not interrupt the flow. Game play also reveals a new enemy that can use a special force field that can catch grenades and throw them back at you. If you’re like me and take a lot of damage during the game by charging headfirst into battle you will find changes to the damage indicator. The triangle of past games has been made larger, which is great for those of us that are blind. There even looks to be a good possibility for funny “Easter Eggs” with more interactions between the different Covenant races. The last of the information released at E3 is in my opinion the best part of this new Halo. For the first year after the game release 343 will release weekly campaign episodes that continue some part of the story line. It is unknown if these new downloads will cost extra.


Rumors are flying about this game. Some have been confirmed and I have the scoop. First, NO FLOOD!! After dealing with them in Halo 3 a Floodless Reach was a welcome site. Another that will upset some and over joy others is the removal of Armor Lock and the addition of a new thrown explosive. In the top left corner of the HUD where the grenade icons are there is a new icon. It is unknown what this is and I’m digging very hard to find more information on this.

Game Play speculations tell us the planet Halo 4 takes place on a Forerunner planet called Requiem, I don’t think this is a premonition to Master Chief’s demise though.

The last bit of Halo scuttlebutt is the most exciting. There is strong speculation there will be a Halo 5 and Halo 6 nothing solid but I’m hopeful.


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