Artist Spotlight #3 – Jon Riggle

Welcome to our third edition of Artist Spotlight.  This week’s Artist is Jon Riggle!


Jon Riggle

Q: Who are you and what do you do?

A: Name is Jon Riggle. I’m a Freelance illustrator/artist. I have been known for sketch cards, but am also the creator of three books to which none of you have ever seen (yet)Sonic Jack (sci fi story) Bella A’tti (an adult pirate story) and Harry Mouse (kids story). I draw… that’s pretty much it


Q: How do you work? (Tools of the trade, etc)

A: I usually start off by sacrificing a small furry woodland creature and then I begin my day at the table. I sing some sort of chant over my desk and tools and begin listening to the voices in my head, telling me what to draw.


Actually I work traditionally most of the time with markers and pencils. Pens too, but that’s not important. I do work digitally too, but not as much. Mainly for pinups/prints and other online stuff for advertisement of myself.


Teela by Jon Riggle

Q: How did you get your start?

A: I beat the crap outta some kid for his pencils when I was 20 and haven’t stopped drawing since. Actually that’s a lie. I’ve been drawing since I was very young. I remember drawing when I was about 3 or 4. I’ve only done this as a past time recreation thing as a kid and up till college.


Q: What styles of art do you most identify with (please feel free to include other artist’s names, or other inspirations, etc.)

A: Styles I identify with… um… animation and western comic book art would be a good start. I love the European style art where it’s more like the Prince Valiant Sunday comic strips that you see in the papers… I love that, but I can’t see myself drawing like that. I more enjoy the artists like Steven E Gordon, Ruben Procopio Stephane Roux, Adam Hughes, Frank Cho, Sean Galloway, Lauren Montgomery, Phil Bourassa, Glen Keane and Don Bluth. Just to name a few.


Q: What kind of artwork do you most enjoy doing/creating?

A: Seeing as how I’m more known for drawing big boobed females… I enjoy drawing Sci Fi work (betcha thought I’d say something else… pervs.)

I enjoy working on my own stuff more than others to be honest.


Q: What projects have you worked on in the past?

A: I worked on BOTS Project for Autism Awareness. That was my first published gig. I did inking over another guys pencils. I’ve worked on sketch cards mainly. Marvel Masterpieces 3, Zombies vs Cheerleaders And the Geektacular edition, Moonstone Maximum, Damsels & Dinosaurs, P’ups, Dreamers of Darkness, FemForce, The Pro, Hack/Slash, Age of Sorcery, Monsters Zombies & Freaks, War of the Worlds, Island Dreams and some other Charity card sets.


Pirate Booty by Jon Riggle

Q: What is your Dream Project? (if you have one)

A: Sonic Jack is my dream project. It’s my own project that I’m working on. I have two more called Harry Mouse and Bella A’tti. I’m writing, designing, penciling, inking, coloring and lettering all of these myself. May have to publish them myself too. Who knows?


Q: What do you like about the art world?

A: Less hassle with bosses. It’s not a 9-5 job where I’m doing the SAME thing every day. Hell, I don’t have to go to work EVERY day if I don’t want to either. I can take a day off if I choose. I can work indoors or outdoors or in a coffee shop if I want.


Q: What do you DISlike about the art world?

A: I don’t get paid every 2 weeks with a hefty check. I don’t have medical benefits, I don’t have that atmosphere of something going on ALL the time to keep me going through the day even if I don’t want to work.

As a social thing, I don’t like the politics that revolve around many artists, art directors, editors. I think too many people add drama to a world we don’t need it in. I like to stay out of that as much as possible. It’s hard though as it’s all around you.stay out of that as much as possible. It’s hard though as it’s all around you.






Teela by Jon Riggle

Q: What is the best advice you’ve been given professionally?

A: Practice. Take only from a critique what makes you better and throw the rest away, as it’s only opinions. Don’t give up. Show people at companies you’re not just a working stiff, but you’re a fun person to hang with (that’s always my downfall lol).

Also, don’t let anyone dictate who you are, what you do or why you’re doing it. Many people will talk smack about you being an artist… big deal. Many will make fun of you because you draw… don’t let it bug you. Basically what I’m saying is grow a thick skin so insults, jokes and comments made towards you, or your art, aren’t taken personal. It’s a job, nothing more. You put your heart and soul into your work, yes… but people aren’t attacking you (usually). They are being critics towards your work.


Q: What is your goal, professionally?

A: To sell out. Just like every other artist who eventually figures out you’re only out to make money from your dreams. I guess a less harsh answer would be to make Sonic Jack a household name and to have it turned into an animated feature, live action movie, merchandised to the eye balls and possibly a TV Show… you know… make money from my dream.


Q: What wouldn’t you do without, and why? (could be art supplies, or anything else you wish)

A: I wouldn’t do without… I guess that means what do I NEED… ok. I need my drawing hand. Or as some of us call it.. my ‘career hand’. Without it, I am lost. I can pick up anything and start drawing… that’s not an issue. you know… make money from my dream.


Wonder Woman by Jon Riggle

Q: Are you open for commissions, and if so, how can people contact you?

A: I’m generally ALWAYS open for commissions. Right now I have it designated that every other month I am open for commissions. But I am really open at any time. You can email me OR get ahold of me on my facebook fan page, or my deviantart page.


Q: What super power(s) would you like to have, and why? (could be more than one)

A: Oh I love this one… I’m asked this a lot and I want the powers of the Beyonder WITH the Infinity Gauntlet. Why? It’s the power to do literally ANYTHING YOU DREAM! You could end time as we know it; start anew and make the UNIVERSE into what YOU wanted. You could merge parallel worlds together. You could make anything appear, happen and change with a simple thought. I mean… who doesn’t want that kind of power?!





If you would like to learn more about Jon, see more of his work, commission him – or anything else in between… his contact info is listed below! 🙂  Thanks for reading, and Thanks Jon, for being our Third Artist Spotlight! 🙂

Jon’s Contact Info:

Name: Jon Riggle




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