Wednesday Comics Round Up – June 6th

Welcome back Fanboys and Girls!  It’s Wednesday again, so it’s time to go over our comics pull for this week.  A light week, but some big news about the issues hitting this week.

A quick note before we dive in, I did not pick up the two most controversial and talked about issues this week.  Those would be Earth 2 #2 and Before Watchmen – Minutemen #1.  I really have no urge to pick up Before Watchmen, it’s not a matter of respecting Alan Moore, creator’s rights or anything like that.  I’m just not that interested in the story, it seems like an unnecessary prequel.  I’ll keep my eye on it though, if feedback continues to be positive I’ll pick up the trade, and of course I’ll discuss it all here for you.

As for Earth 2 #2, I didn’t pick it up because it was already sold out when I got to the store.  A lesson for me to plan ahead and when you want to pick up one of the most talked about issues of the year.  This issue and series is where they will reintroduce Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, who is now going to be a gay man.  I do have the issue on order and will post up about it when I actually have it in hand.  I enjoyed Earth 2 #1, and I think the series has potential.

So with that being said, let’s dive into this week’s pulls.


Worlds’ Finest #2

Speaking of Earth 2, we have Worlds’ Finest #2.  Now this story does not take place on Earth 2, it takes place on Earth 1.  However, it is Supergirl and Robin (who also happens to be Catwoman and Batman’s daughter, Helena Wayne) who have now adopted the names of Power Girl and Huntress, respectively.  Confused yet?

This book is juggling a lot, especially in light of DC’s New 52 revamp which is supposed to make it easier for new readers to jump in.  However, I think it’s handled well and isn’t so overly complicated that new readers can’t grasp it.  It does help if you are also reading Earth 2 at the same time, because there is some overlap, especially in the first issues.  But, it does seem that these books will be going their own separate directions in the future.  They merely share a starting point.

The writing is good, but does involve a lot of jumping around in the time line.  Our heroines have been on our Earth for 5 years and the story flashes back to various times since their arrival.

The art is exciting and showcases the action well, but I feel it’s not as good as it could be.  Although, I do see some improvements since the first issue, so I think it’s just a matter of this creative team finding a good balance.


Uncanny Xmen #13 & Avengers vs. Xmen #5

It’s hard to talk about either one of these issues by themselves.  They are both covering the same events, except seen from different perspectives, and different players.

The Xmen book has been doing a good job of fleshing out Cyclops and his Extinction Team’s side of the Avengers vs. Xmen story.  This time around we are dealing with Magneto and Psylocke who have barely survived their battles with various Avengers and are limping back to base.  Also there maybe another player in the arrival of the Phoenix force and the mutant Hope’s involvement with it.

Now in the AvX story proper, a major change has happened.  The Avengers are trying various ways to stop the incoming Phoenix force, but no one seems to truly understand what it is they are dealing with or what sacrifices will be required.

I think this may have the best writing of the series so far, and I’m sure that it is no coincidence that this issue was written by Matt Fraction.  The art has improved since the beginning, but it still is lacking a little something.  A key fight in the finale is hard to follow, but that could be intentional, because afterwards even the characters aren’t sure what just happened.

I’m not one to normally buy into the Big Event hype, but this is an event I have been enjoying and I’m curious to how they will wrap it up and what this will hold for the future of the Avengers and Xmen in the Marvel Universe.

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