Wednesday Comics Round Up May 30th

It’s Wednesday, so to help you get over your midweek blues they have brought down from Asgard, new Comics for us all to enjoy!

– Star Wars: Boba Fett is Dead #2

The hunt for Boba Fett’s killers continues in this great issue.  We get a great reveal, fun writing, and a unique art style, all this adds up to a great revenge story.  Mandalorians do not die easily, nor do they stay dead.







– Wolverine #307

Ignoring Marvel’s numbering system that doesn’t really make sense (a few months back we jumped from #20 to #300) this Wolverine run has been great.

Wolverine is facing down Dr. Rot and his deadly family, but the bad Doctor will not go down so easily, he may have even found a way to deal with the deadly mutant.  This issue is brutal, bloody, and with some good twists along the way.





– Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who

This one of those crossovers that always make me think “This is going to suck” bringing back horrible memories of the Star Trek: TNG/Xmen crossover.  But, this one was actually good.

The Doctor gets most of the focus of this issue, picking up somewhere during Season 6 with Amy & Rory traveling with the Doctor, and ending up on board the Enterprise D.  Best of both worlds indeed.





– The Ultimates #11

The Marvel Ultimate universe’s version of The Avengers has had there hands full recently.  Horrible attacks have crippled the world and the Ultimates are on the run from agents of SHIELD and the government.  Tony Stark and Thor have a plan, and they just need to make it to the President to discuss it.

The best image from this issue is Tony Stark, in his nice black suit, fighting off SHIELD agents with just one repulsor gauntlet on.  This has been a great series, especially if they are keeping to the rules of the Ultimate universe that any character that dies will stay dead.

Reading this comic has really shown me that I don’t know nearly enough about the Ultimate universe.  I really do need to get caught up on the previous stories.  It doesn’t hurt that they heavily influenced the movie universe either.


– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10

Forget all that nonsense you may have heard about Michael Bay doing something with the Turtles.  Right now when it comes to the Turtles, the only thing you need to pay attention to is this terrific series.  Its a great series, taking all the best bits of the various incarnations and combining them into something that feels both nostalgic, familiar and all new.

This issue finds Splinter captured by the Foot Clan and the Shredder, while the Turtles are forced to deal with the loss of Splinter and finding there own way without him.



– Batman – Annual #1

I saved the best for last.  Batman and Mr. Freeze as part of the “Night of the Owls” story.  Freeze escapes from Arkham and he is out for Bruce Wayne.  Emotional and tragic, this is all the best parts of Mr. Freeze’s backstory, echoing the classic stories from the Batman The Animated Series.  Mr. Freeze makes a triumphant entrance to the New 52.

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