Science Talk Post #3

Greetings and hello, we have so much space happenings going on! We had an eclipse May 20, the Transit of Venus is this upcoming Tuesday and the first private space capsule Dragon returned!  I am going to repeat myself from my last post but I can not emphasize enough that this will be the last transit of Venus for over one hundred years!  The reason why it takes so long between transits is because of the orbits of both our planets.  Earth has more of an elliptical orbit and Venus has more of a circular but on an angle from us.  The photo inserted to the left is not exact but gives you an idea of how our bodies are aligned.


If for some reason you can’t see it live.  Check it out on line i have some links for everyone to follow. Here is a NASA link this  should be ok for viewing the event itself. The one I recommend is, the reason why I recommend  is  they do a Google+ hangout with astronomers, and other PHD scientist, who will answer questions and talk about what is happening as it goes along!  Honestly, is there any reason not to know something in this day and age! I love the internet!


Here is a cool little map that shows when and where the transit will be visible.






The SpaceX Dragon capsule splashed down today and it looks to be a successful mission so far! So way to go SpaceX.   I want you all to succeed and help build our nation back to being the mover and shaker in space travel and commercial adventure!







Blood platelets! If for some reason you get a cut and start bleeding its these lovely things that help our body to put a stop to it! Now for the first time, as reported in the Huffington Post and The Journal Advanced Materials.  There have been many attempts in the past to make artificial platelets work.  But now its seems scientist and engineers have some that work. It is still to early to implement them, testing still needs to be carried out. Considering the size of these platelets im very impressed,  2 to 4 micrometers according to the story which is 50 times smaller than the width of a human hair! So one day in the future we can stop major wounds from bleeding out or carry drugs to specific parts of the body!
On last note. I totally admire Dr. Phil Plait! This man is brilliance and fun all rolled up into one! This little note i will say is we are crashing! Yes crashing and yet you have nothing to worry about! Astronomers have know for a while that the Andromeda galaxy is heading for us, what they didn’t know was will we actually crash or fly threw each other. As you know Space is huge and there is a lot of room even in a galaxy such as ours! So in about 4 billion years our little section of the universe will become a bit more crowded! .

This wraps it up for me for now! I hope that you can get to check out the transit next Tuesday! Have a good one!


Graduate of Radford University 98', an electrician by trade, space geek for fun who has a love of science and learning.

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