Wednesday Comic Round up

If you wear a cape, today is your day, because it’s New Comic Day!  So here are my thoughts on this weeks pull list.  This was a light week for titles, but not for content.  As always, be wary of spoilers.


– Orchid #7

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello’s story of class warfare taken to it’s most extreme.  This book has been a fun, twist turning ride.  Now with #7, he has setup what we think is going to be the final confrontation between good and evil, but it’s not quite as final as we are lead to believe.

I really enjoy this book.  It has a message and a strong view point on issues of the day, but it doesn’t beat you over the head with them.  Morello has created a unique world and mythology that doesn’t feel like just another cookie cutter “Post apocalyptic wasteland.”

Also, it doesn’t hurt that he has created a soundtrack for the series and gives readers a way to legally download a song for each issue.



– Batman, Incorporated #1

First of two strong #1 issues this week.  This reintroduces the story of Batman, Incorporated to the New 52 world.  This has been a great story of Batman, franchising himself out, to spread his message beyond just Gotham.

The art really makes this book stand out from some of the other “52” books.  It feels much brighter and the action has a great flow from panel to panel.

This is the story that I’ve been waiting the longest to have come back in this new DC Universe, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Just as a quick aside here, as much as I am enjoying some of the risks DC is taking with there “New 52” the continuity just hasn’t made any sense to me.  Things just don’t seem to add up.  I have decided to just ignore the continuity and any of the big announcements about timelines and such from the higher ups at DC.  It saves me a lot of pointless headaches and just lets me enjoy the stories.


– Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #1

The Clone Wars have ended, the Empire is consolidating it’s power, and the Emperor is tightening his grip on the galaxy.  That’s where we are in this latest Star Wars tale from Haden Blackman (who is also part of the creative team on the terrific Batwoman run right now).

We open up with the first graduating class of Imperial Officers after the end of the Clone Wars and Lt. Tohm is a brand new officer celebrating his graduation.  By the end of this night he will get his first taste of action, and see why it is that everyone fears Darth Vader.

This might be one of the strongest Star Wars comics I’ve read in a while.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the least covered, and possibly most interesting areas of the timeline, the so-called “Dark Times.”  The 20 years between the end of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

I understand why Dark Horse has recently been limiting there Star Wars titles to 5 and 6 issue arcs, presenting them in more of a mini-series fashion as opposed to having any long ongoing runs, but when it comes to great stories, less isn’t always more.  More is more!  Like Anakin said “I want more!”  Dark Horse has put out some great stories in the last few months and it pains this poor little fanboy to have to wait to get more of these great adventures.

That’s all for this week, make sure you hit up your local shops for all these great books and more.  Not sure where the comic shops in your area are, click here for a full list

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