Science Talk – 1st Installment

Greetings! Welcome to the inaugural edition of science talk I would like to take a second or two to explain what you might expect in this section! First off all things that are scientific in nature are fair game for discussion that being said there are some quite interesting fields that do on occasions blow a readers mind! I for one am a space geek but a few weeks ago I read articles discussing how smart some birds really are.

How does this affect me and why should I care are legitimate questions that are and should be asked. Well to be truthful I can answer the more you know the better you will thrive in your surroundings. Had the settlers at Jamestown knew what the surrounding conditions were they might have moved up river more to a less brackish water environment and not have suffered as badly.

That being said, all things matter, in the case of human exploration, science, is the term because we are explorers every single one of us. Each day we might be encountering something we are not familiar with. Are we stumped by these issues? No, we have over the billions of years evolved into highly critically thinking individuals.

It is in this respect that I seek out science and news of new discoveries. Not only just science but what it spins off in the way of technology. Because we not only want to know what it is we have found, but what will it do and we ask how it works. Once this is establish these things are used or not used to benefit us (humans) as a whole!

This week I will start off with something quasi-science, more of what comes out of applied science; engineering. A system engineer named Dan had started this website; – Check it out. Now I am certain most of everyone who is reading this knows of the show Star Trek. A show based on the scientific exploration of space. Dan who is a fellow space enthusiast, who like me, is saddened by the state of NASA and our current state of space exploration.

I won’t go too much in to the politics of NASA but what Dan has proposed as the name of the website implies is we build the Enterprise. A full scale ship that will transport us through the solar system.

A crazy scheme to be yes, but his point is to inspire us as Americans and the world to get back into the exploration of space! Many notable intellectuals believe it is fundamental for us as a species to explore the universe. We must take small steps, we started with the moon, but we need to build and peruse more detailed follow up missions!

Yes we do not have the technology to go warp speed and I’m sure the President is not holding secret technology back from a crashed alien space ship site in Roswell. But the concept is solid, build a big multi-purpose ship that can be used to explore. Not a one shot Apollo style capsule, but something that can hold crews of workers and sustain them for long periods of time.

I wont go into too many details for that please take time to check out . His argument is we do have the technology to build it. Using artificial generated gravity and ion propulsion we would be able to travel to our neighbors. Set up bases and have enough room in the ship to deliver supplies and people.

How is this science you ask? It is in the very nature of science that we explore. What is out there, what makes it work and what can be done with it? The fundamental questions that we ask every day. I can not think of any thing more important than inspiring others, to educate them and get people talking about what or how we can make a better future. To dissipate old superstitions, notions and confront them with facts!

So in closing I hope to have captured you interest in science as it has captured my interest! Be inspired everyone, how wonderful an age it is we live in!


Ulysses Scott Adkins

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