Artist’s Spotlight…

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to cast a spotlight on some of my fellow artists, and interview them, in a manner of speaking.  But honestly, with everything else going on, I don’t have the time, and for the most part – I’m sure they don’t either.  I mean, c’mon… you have to schedule time for an interview, in between all of the other things going on in your artsy life, as well as your “normal” real-life stuff that you have to take care of since you’re technically considered an “adult” by the law. :) And for some of us artists, there’s the whole family and kids thing on top of it all.

So, instead of trying to steal some of the artist’s precious creative or family time away from them conducting a normal talk interview – which never seem to run quite the way you plan them out… I’ve decided to just interview my fellow artists by a quick list of questions – so to speak.  They can fill it out in their leisure, when they have a spare minute or two…. as long as they don’t forget. lol 😉

Every couple of weeks – hoping to be every other week – I will post a new ‘Artist’s Spotlight’ – highlighting an artist and their work of whom I admire, and think that other’s should know about their work and the great things they do.  And hey, it might even introduce you to some awesome artists you might want to commission or get the chance to meet someday at a con, or own a special original piece of their artwork, or buy other merchandise from them. 🙂

Anything that puts the artists and their art in the spotlight, is a good thing in my book.  🙂

Also – if you’re an artist reading this, and you’d like to be included in the interview spotlights – drop me a message on our contact page!


Jenn DePaola - Geek girl, Artist & Wife. :)

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