Wednesday Comics Round Up

It’s Wednesday which means it’s New Comic Day! Here is the round up of titles from my pull list. Some spoilers ahead, but I’ll try to keep them light.

-Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm #4

This series has gone back to the very beginnings of the Jedi Order and their first dealings with the Dark Side. It’s an exciting series with all new characters and locations. Refreshing because we have no idea what is going to happen to any of these characters. The creators have free reign and are not bound by any existing continuity.

 The writing and art is exciting and fast paced. Any Star Wars fan looking to branch out into the EU (Expanded Universe) should check this out.

 –Wonder Woman #9

I must admit I was not much of a Wonder Woman fan before the New 52 DC relaunch. I really didn’t know much about the character, beyond the most obvious of Red, White and Blue Tights, Amazonian princess, etc. I was not even really sure what her backstory or power set were.

 This series has had me hooked since issue #1 though. An Greek mythological epic brought into the modern day. Makes me want to go back and read all the classic Greek myths.

 -Manhattan Projects #3

Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra’s alternate history take on the Manhattan Project which brought us the atomic bomb. It’s delightfully twisted in all the best ways. Dr. Strangelove with teleporting ninja armies, identical evil twins, Washingtonian Freemason cult rituals, and a dead President AI system.

 –Earth 2 #1

This was sold out on it’s intial release so I had to wait for another to come in stock. As with Wonder Woman, my knowledge of DC’s multiverse is pretty limited. So I wasn’t quite sure what to think going in.

 Not sure if I’m fully sold on this series or not, but it is interesting to read a DC comic where Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are all killed protecting the Earth from a massive alien invasion. The book basically starts with a battle on the scale of the last 30 min of the Avengers film.

 Worth checking out just for the action alone.

 –Daredevil #13

This might be my favorite series right now. Daredevil just hits perfectly on every level. A great new spin on the character. Crisp, clean art that harkens back to the classics, and just great storytelling.

 This issue brings a close to the “Omega Drive” storyline and sets up a new story with a classic villain.

 –Batwoman #9

Hands down, the best art in a DC book goes to Batwoman right now. New artist Trevor McCarthy steps in and he has some big shoes to fill after Amy Reeder’s departure from the book.

 This has been a story full of twists and turns, as we jump back and forth in time as she fights a supernatural child killer. A definite must read.

 –Uncanny X-men #12

I’ve always been a big X-men fan. The first comics I read were X-men and Wolverine books. This X-men title has been a pretty strong one.

 This book is part of the Avengers vs. X-men storyline. As the X-men are on the run from the Avengers, attempting to locate the mutant Hope who is the center of the AvX story. We also see a pretty massive fight between The Thing and Namor, with a pretty hilarious finish.

 –Avengers vs. X-men #4

It’s Round 4 and we have the wild card of Wolverine and his plans for Hope, which do not bode well for her plans to continue breathing. Avengers and the X-men battle across the globe as they each try to locate Hope.

 So far, I’m enjoying the story, but it is hard to really believe that any permaent damage will be done to any of the characters. In the back of mind I know that at the end of the series, everything will be returned to the status quo. But still, it’s the journey that matters, not the destination.

 That’s all for this week, some great books out there. Whether you read digitally or the classic floppy books, do yourself a favor and check out some of the great work being put out.

 If you are feeling really adventurous, check out some of the non-superhero books as well.

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