Classic Doctor Who Retro Review – An Unearthly Child


Retro TV has recently started screening episodes of the “classic” run of Doctor Who (the 1963-1989 episodes), two episodes a night between 8 – 9pm. Entire stories are also re-broadcast on Saturday afternoons if you missed them the first time around. Many of these episodes have not been broadcast on …

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Episode 69 – Talking Star Wars Special Editions


Talking Star Wars Special Editions Paul, Wayne, Kevin, Nick, Kendra and Jenn gather to talk Star Wars unaltered Original Trilogy versus the altered versions, some Episode 7 rumours, bitch about Cumberbatch and Star Trek Into Darkness. We also deal with the cats who want in on the show as well. …

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Toy Review – Star Wars Command


Star Wars Command This is an interesting new product. Basically, these are toy soldiers of Star Wars characters. Hasbro has gone from limited articulation to NO articulation! The quality of these is quite nice, imagine if the entire Star Wars saga had come out in the Sixties instead of the …

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