So You Want to Read Comics?


Today, Marvel Studios made a massive announcement about their upcoming slate of films in 2016 – 2018.  This may or may not have been a reaction to Warner Bros/DC’s recent announcement about their plans for the new DC cinematic universe coming out of last year’s Man of Steel.  A lot …

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Episode 77 – Halloween and Gaming


Halloween and Gaming Paul, Wayne, Nick, Kevin and Zach gather to talk about some of our favorite scary, spooky, and horror games. We of course get sidetracked talking about Batman, Star Wars, and Wayne attempts to play “I am scared (a pixelated nightmare)”. We get several updates on Roanoke Gaming’s …

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Classic Doctor Who Retro Review – “The Rescue”


The Rescue Retro TV decided to skip right over “The Dalek Invasion of Earth” for some reason, which will be very jarring for unschooled viewers as that is the story where Susan leaves the TARDIS, and we also find out that all the Daleks didn’t perish in the previous story …

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